2025 BMW M5: All the Cool Plans for the Future Luxury Sedan

Although the sedan model is no longer a top favorite type amongst auto enthusiasts, Beemer is still confident enough to manufacture their upcoming 2025 BMW M5. The M5 has been known as one of the most favorable sedans in the industry, and its performance doesn’t seem to wane even after these years. Expect some changes to happen to the M5, including heavier body, bigger brakes, and punchier performance.

The New 2025 Model

Beemer is said to prepare something ‘spicy’ for the future gen of M5. As one of the hottest sedans ever designed, this model would be coming with punchier outcome with 735 Nm of torque and 735 hp. It is running on four electric motors with similar powertrain as the Label Red XM Red (with its plug in hybrid layout). For now, the Beemer will manufacture the M5 as a sedan although there have been rumors about the existence of M5 touring wagon for the US market.

2025 BMW M5 Exterior
2025 BMW M5 Exterior

Moreover, this modern sedan can travel up to 60 miles with EV mode only, provided that you don’t go over 87 mph. not only it packs up new look and fresh top notch technologies, but you can expect bigger brakes, rear wheel driving system, and even optional wheels up to 22 inch. The new sedan is scheduled to release in 2024 – most likely in June up to August of that year.

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Price and Trim Levels

Since the auto maker is serious (and dedicated enough) in prepping up their M5, it shouldn’t be surprising if the M5 would keep its aggressive vibe and performance. Let’s not forget that the M5 is designed and created as a luxury sedan, so the price range would be higher than the regular sedans.

The “regular” M5 is estimated to start at around $120,000, while the M5 Competition may start from around $140,000. Again, these price ranges are only estimation and speculations, so we can’t be really sure about the exact price tags. Details about the specific features and trim levels haven’t been available, so we should wait for further official release and confirmation.

Powertrain and Performance

The 735 hp is inspired from the Label Red XM SUV with its four wheel driving system. The M5 is ‘borrowing’ the PHEV layout with V8 twin turbo gas unit of 4.4 liter capacity and li-ion battery pack. If it truly ‘copies’ the Label Red powertrain, it would be coming with auto 8 speed transmission.

2025 BMW M5 Engine
2025 BMW M5 Engine

The current M5 is able to cover 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, so it’s only natural when the powertrain for the future M5 should pack extra power and smooth acceleration. And just like the general powertrain of the M5, it’s still unknown of the battery’s size for the PHEV model. But there is always a possibility of the 25.7 kWh with the electric only power is able to cover 60 miles. If the future M5 is sharing similarities with the XM, it is possible that you can charge it in less than 3 hours to reach a full 100% capacity.

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Interior Cabin and Features

The cabin would be exclusive, plush, and luxurious. You can find customizable (ambient) lighting, infotainment gesture control, and heated (and also ventilated) seats. Don’t be surprised if the electric powertrain may compromise the space and interior layout, making it less spacious than the previous models. But you can expect the latest technologies and features, including the WiFi hotspot, high end audio system, satellite radio, wireless charging for the smartphone, and more.

2025 BMW M5 Interior
2025 BMW M5 Interior

Final Words

Official specs and details of the M5 sedan haven’t been completely revealed, but it’s likely possible that it would incorporate the iDrive 8 latest software with the huge curved display screen. The future of this modern and luxury sedan is still shady, but we should know more about 2025 BMW M5 once the company releases more updates.

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