Updates to 2024 BMW 7 Series Big Sedan

Although Beemer isn’t really open about their upcoming 2024 BMW 7 Series, they have nothing to hide. They are pretty ready to unveil this next gen big sedan, shown through several preview images. The big sedan would be coming with more modern (and somewhat extroverted) design on the outside when compared to the current model. Not to mention that there would be some new tech features that are meant to attract buyers – and possibly new market.

Design Cues

From the design, especially on the front end style, it seems that the new sedan takes inspirations from XM and also iX concept, which had been unveiled in 2021. The grille is huge and somewhat gigantic, but with somewhat shrunk headlights. When compared to the current gen of 7 Series, the headlights are somewhat smaller. The lightning elements are from crystal glass being mounted horizontally as the top grille.

2024 BMW 7 Series Changes
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From camouflaged test prototypes, it seemed that there would be bigger lights, though. Does it mean that Beemer used the camo vehicle as a diversion or will there be 2 completely different designs for the front end? After all, the i7 electric model is said to be launched together with the gas powered unit. It is possible that there would be different designs for different versions: the gas and the electric.

Interior Cabin and the Techs

Aside from the plush and exclusive cabin of 2024 BMW 7 Series, expect the more advanced iDrive infotainment technology, along with the curved display (seen on i4 and iX) and also function strip. Infotainment techs would also be available for the passengers. There would be a 31-inch of display screen with 8K resolution to pamper them while on the go.

2024 BMW 7 Series Price
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Powertrain and Performance

Although the company hasn’t provided the detailed specs of the vehicle, they have confirmed that the i7 battery powered version would be the strongest member within 7 Series family. It is able to cover 305 miles of distance.

2024 BMW 7 Series
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There has been news that the 2024 model 7 Series and 5 Series would be coming with the advanced level of autonomous driving system. Rumor has it that the company would release the level 3 auto driving system, and they are going to do with the 7 Series. It’s highly likely that the 7 Series may get the technology, although we can’t really tell for sure.

Q and A

Q: Has there been confirmation about the launch date?

A: Unfortunately, no. But considering that it would be designed as the 2024 model, it’s likely coming in 2023 although the exact date isn’t known yet.

Q: How about the price?

A: There hasn’t been any information either. But let’s not forget that the 7 Series is an exclusive luxury ride, so expect the price tag to be a ‘luxury’ too.

Q: Has Beemer got the authorization to deploy the autonomous driving system?

A: It’s not likely considering that Mercy is said to be the only manufacturer having the authorization. But we can’t really tell for sure because Beemer hasn’t said anything. To be on the safer side, let’s wait for them to finally reveal their future 2024 BMW 7 Series.

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