2025 Nissan Armada: What Does Nissan Have in Store?

The 2025 Nissan Armada is going to set as the new generation of the lineup, designed as an SUV that has promising performance and good looking style. The SUV is designed as the 2025 model, but it will debut in 2024. The launch will take place together (if not too far) from the launch of new Infiniti QX80. The good news is that the upcoming Armada has undergone the testing stage, which provides insight for us of what the vehicle will look like. After all, with heavy competition against GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe, Nissan needs to be serious about developing the Armada.

The Spyshot

As it was stated before, the 2025 Nissan Armada is undergoing the testing stage, which means that they are pretty close to the launching time. If you take a closer look to the photos, the prototype is covered completely in the camo. The SUV is expected to have a new appearance for the exterior area, which is rumored to have similar look to the Range Rover (of Land Rover).

2025 Nissan Armada
2025 Nissan Armada

When the exterior area has improved appearance, the interior cabin will also get some refreshed touch-up. Expect to see better materials, improved upholstery, bigger infotainment display screen, and also the newest tech features. it’s safe to say that the interior wouldn’t only be comfortable and exclusive, but it’s going to be more sophisticated too.

Powertrain and Performance

Rumor also has it that the new 2025 Nissan Armada would be running on new units. The auto maker is said to ditch the V8 unit with 5.6 liter capacity, replacing it with a new V6 twin turbocharged unit that ca deliver 424 hp. This powertrain would be paired up with auto 9 speed transmission.

2025 Nissan Armada Changes
2025 Nissan Armada Changes

This arrangement is believed to boost the vehicle’s fuel efficiency while paying attention to the emissions regulations and improving smooth performance. There’s a reason why Nissan wants to use the V6 unit. After all, this decision goes along with the current auto trend where most auto makers are switching to V6. Ford has done this by choosing V6 turbocharged unit for their Expedition and Toyota also chooses the same unit for their Sequoia.

Model and Platform

The new Armada would be constructed on the F-Alpha platform, which was first used in 2003. Don’t forget that Armada may be sold with another name in the international market. In some markets, it’s known as the Patrol. Both if you check the codename, both Armada and Patrol have Y62 code.

Despite the camo, many auto enthusiasts have come up with some predictions and speculations. From the silhouette, you can tell that Armada will still be constructed as a boxy design. The lower fascia, however, is likely going to be redesigned, covering the car’s width to highlight the roomy and spacious design.

2025 Nissan Armada Redesign
2025 Nissan Armada Redesign

If you take a look at the profile, you can see an upright shape having slab sides. There is a possibility that it would be packed with multi spoke allow wheels in black. It seems that there would be a big spoiler close to the rear window. The taillights are likely coming in vertical orientation, not horizontal. The bumper is believed to be big enough to have a center hole, which can be used to attach the tow hatch.

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Styling and designs aren’t the only changes happening on the exterior area. New colors will likely be introduced for the new 2025 model, including White Pearl, Black Super, Mocha Almond, Gun Metallic, and Silver Brilliant. There are also the possibility of two-tone options, such as Black Super/White Pearl, White Pearl/Mocha Almond, and White Pearl/Gun Metallic.

Release Date and Price

It’s unknown when the new Armada will release, but it’s likely happening in 2024. For the price range, the 2025 Nissan Armada is predicted to start from around $50,000 to around $70,000, so be ready if you want one.

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