2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Is Predicted with New Look

Although the information about the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe is pretty slim and scarce, many are sure that it would be coming with a completely new look – even up to a radical design. It’s a sure thing that the Santa Fe would be coming soon. It’s hard to tell what’s happening to the Santa Fe because the prototype has been fully covered these entire times. However, it’s quite clear that the SUV would undergo drastic change, especially for the new generation. It’s a good thing that some enthusiasts and fans have been making rendering images as the predictions of Santa Fe’s possible look.

The Updated Plan

Hyundai wants to make each model unique with its own identity and signature style. It’s a part of their strategy. For instance, Ioniq 5 and 6 are basically within the same EV family, but each of them has their own unique design language. It separates them, creating a pretty distinctive individual style. The same thing will also apply to 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe, where it would be coming with a boxier body and somewhat a more rugged appearance. This is different from the current Santa Fe with premium style and design.

2024 Hyundai Santa
Source : Caranddriver

Design Language – Rendering Images

On the rendering images, this family hauler comes with headlight cluster, which is likely inspired from the Ioniq 5. If you see the side mirrors on the front doors, they may not seem matching to the overall design, but again, it’s unclear what the real design would look like. But with the addition of side plastic cladding, it’s obvious that the car has this new muscular wheel arches. The front headlights DRLs (from LED) would be coming with H shape. Top it off with the new wheels with five spoke, the exterior area would be just amazing.

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Powertrain and Performance

Unfortunately, up until now, there is no information about the powertrain updates. It’s not even clear whether the new ride would be coming with different powertrain or the same one as the current model. The current 2023 model (in the US) has some engine options, including the plug in hybrid and hybrid options. The European Santa Fe is coming with diesel 2.2 liter unit. There is big chances that the same powertrain would be a carry over to the new gen; of course with some modifications and tweak to improve the performance and powertrain.

2024 Hyundai Santa Features
Source : Caranddriver

Exterior and Interior

From the rendering images, the new Santa Fe would be wider and longer, which would affect the size and interior cabin. With tweaks on the outside, it’s safe to expect that the same tweaks would also take place on the inside. Aside from the extra space, you can expect modern infotainment and technology. Hyundai is doing almost the same redesigned project with their Kona EV, so it’s only logical if they may try the same thing with the Santa Fe.

2024 Hyundai Santa Interior
Source : Caranddriver

Price and Release Date

According to the sources (and also the production schedule), the new Santa Fe will likely come within the second half of 2023, so there are still several months left for the company to have a final finishing touch, making their new Santa Fe complete.

Some sources say that the new Santa Fe would be coming in summer months, around August, but other sources claim that it will take place in fall. Nevertheless, the vehicle would debut in 2023 followed by sales a couple of months later. The debut and sales should happen before 2023 ends.

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For the price range, there is no information about it either. But considering that the new Santa Fe would experience a pretty significant updates, it’s possible that there would be several thousands of increase from the current models. We should know more about 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe once more information is available.

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