2024 Dodge Dart Possible Production with Strong Powertrain

Will the 2024 Dodge Dart retain the small sized family ride that won’t compromise performance and style? Rumor has it that Dodge is making their future Dart as a futuristic vehicle that can accommodate small families comfortably and pamper them with advanced technologies at the same time. Besides the good looking design, the vehicle will likely come with punchy and powerful engine.

The Updated Plan

Although sedan isn’t a favorable vehicle amidst today’s auto industry packed with crossovers and SUVs, Dodge seems to be certain that their Dart will make a huge difference. Different rumors are flying around, stating that the sedan may be revived while others say that it won’t. Some say that Dodge is thinking about reviving the nameplate only, while they are considering a design and even construction transformation. Since there is no official confirmation about the vehicle, we are basically left in the dark.

2024 Dodge Dart
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Dodge currently has a lineup of Challenger and Charger. Each of them comes with different model (Challenger is a two door type while Charger is the four door). Durango SUV is also added into the line. Dodge seems to be focusing on the speedy and muscle vehicle types, resulting in the company ditching the Grand Caravan minivan and also Journey crossover.

2024 Dodge Dart Colors
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Will Dodge be thinking about electrification, if they ever bring back the Dart? It’s possible, considering that other brands have switched to electric power. But we still need to wait for the company’s official confirmation whether they are reviving the Dart or not.

Powertrain and Performance

The 2024 Dodge Dart is said to run with inline four turbocharged unit with 2.0 liter capacity, which is believed to be punchy enough for a family ride. This powertrain is able to generate 160 hp and around 150 Nm of torque, delivering impressive and smooth performance. This would be coming with auto 9 speed transmission and also front wheel driving system. All wheel driving system would be offered as an optional pick. It is able to reach 60 mph in 6 seconds and its top speed can reach 140 mph.

2024 Dodge Dart Changes
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The Design and Style

If everything goes as planned, the 2024 Dodge Dart will still be constructed with the base structure of today’s model. The external dimension and all interior elements will remain the same as the current model. However, it’s possible that the exterior elements and design would be similar to the new Charger, instead of the original Dart lines. The overall look would be aggressive and modern in a masculine manner.

Q and A

Q: Is there any information about the price?

A: Not yet. There is even no confirmation about the Dart going to make it into production or not.

Q: If Dodge isn’t going to make it into production, then what’s the point of reviving one?

A: Dodge wants to revive it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always make it into production. They will have to develop a strategy whether it is going to be profitable for them or not, so they are still thinking about the pros and cons of reviving the 2024 Dodge Dart

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