2024 GMC Canyon and the Slight Minimal Changes

Preparations have been made for 2024 GMC Canyon, and if everything is cleared out, it should be debuted sometime within the following year. When compared to the current model, it’s obvious that there would be some significant changes for the future model. It’s possible that the truck would get some transformations like the Colorado, and the transformations may cover powertrains and platforms. Basically, the Canyon is designed to be better than the previous line.

What to Expect Next?

One of the main focus of the upcoming Canyon release is the possibility of the AT4X trim. This is said to ‘imitate’ the performance and abilities of Colorado ZR2. The AT4X would utilize the same dampers, all terrain tires, suspension, and others. However, if you want a far greater offroad abilities, this ZR2 would be the perfect option. Let’s not forget that Canyon has impressive trim level lineups, so it’s something promising.

2024 GMC Canyon
Source : Autobics.com

Powertrain and Performance

There isn’t any clear information about this department, and rumors are flying around. Some say that Canyon would retain the same powertrain, while others claim that the powertrain would be stronger (and better). The current one comes as the standard with four cylinder gas unit with 2.5 liter capacity, delivering 200 hp and 191 Nm of torque. There is a V6 unit as an optional pick, delivering 308 hp.

2024 GMC Canyon Denali
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However, auto enthusiasts have their own preferred option for the future 2024 Ford Canyon. They want to see how a turbodiesel unit with 2.8 liter capacity would be working on the truck, able to generate 181 hp and 369 Nm of torque. This is an ideal unit for towing, able to provide 7,700 pounds of ability. The new Canyon would be coming with two wheels driving system and four wheel driving system as the optional pick.

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2024 GMC Canyon At4x
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If you expect hybrid power, be ready to be disappointed because hybrid version won’t be available; at least not soon enough. The company may think about having hybrid power later, once they are ready to focus. For transmissions, it seems that it would stay the same.

Interior Cabin

It’s said that the new Canyon would have more pleasant interior cabin, especially when compared to the current model. It would be plusher and more comfortable. Basically, it would be more sophisticated and upscale. Advanced features should be expected with more safe-assist technologies. The standard features may include updated (phone) connections, infotainment touchscreen display in 7 inches, Bluetooth, and others.

Q and A

Q: Is Canyon a good truck?

A: In general, yes. It is a punchy vehicle that can also deal with towing smoothly. Not to mention that you can also expect a better offroad performance with this line.

Q: When is Canyon released?

A: It’s predicted that it would take place sometime in 2023. The most possible scenario would be on the third quarter of 2023.

Q: Will the new Canyon experience a price increase?

A: It’s most likely, but not much. It’s predicted that the starting price may set at $30,000 while the higher trims may reach $50,000.

It should be exciting to learn more about 2024 Ford Canyon, so let’s wait and see!

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