2024 Dodge Viper and Non-Stop Rumors about Its Comeback

2024 Dodge Viper to come back to the auto world is still a rumor, and the company hasn’t made any official confirmation whether it’s true or not. Many people, naturally, are happy that new Viper would be made again. The last Viper (which was in its fifth generation existence) stopped producing in 2017. Although the company said that they won’t be producing the powerful ride anymore, many rumors have been flying about its comeback.

Possible Design and Style

On the outside, the upcoming Viper would get significant updates. Not only the ride would be sportier, but it would also be constructed on a new (and more sophisticated) platform. The model may use the spaceframe platform, accommodating independent suspensions on both rear and front areas. The vehicle may also come with long hood. It’s most likely that carbon fiber and aluminum would be used as the main materials.

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster
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On the interior cabin, expect a complete redesigned interior. There would be more supportive seating arrangements along with better materials. There would also be better technology, and definitely bigger infotainment screen. Many have expected the Viper to have HD Radio, better navigation, voice command recognition, satellite radio, and UConnect infotainment technology to be a part of the standard techs.

Powertrain and Performance

We don’t have any hints or clues about the powertrain arrangement of the 2024 Dodge Viper. Rumor has it that the new powertrain would be a downsized one when compared to the previous unit – which was created before state regulations were regulated. In the standard general, many people predict that it may be running on V8 naturally aspirated unit, which is able to generate 550 hp.

2024 Dodge Viper
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Aside this unit, there is a possibility of a single supercharged variant (at least) that is able to produce a minimum 700 hp. Manual transmission is definitely a must because it would differentiate the Viper from the other common standard auto only vehicles.

The Price Range

Despite the fact that Dodge is still silent about the Viper’s upcoming production, many experts predict that the cost would be higher than the last production. The current model is set at around $90,000, meaning that the new model may start from around $100,000. Those $10,000 differences are quite significant. The Viper GTS, which is plusher than the regular one, may be set at around $115,000 while the ACR (which is the track oriented type) would start at around $135,000.

2024 Dodge Viper Auction
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Q and A

Q: When will the rumored Viper be launched?

A: Sources mention that the possibility would take place in 2023; most likely within the second half of the year.

Q: Does Viper have good reputation and ability?

A: Even until these days, nothing can beat the reputation of Viper. During its glory days, and back then when the vehicle was still produced, the vehicle was known for its punchy performance and impressive outcome.

Q: Is it true that the Viper would be brought back to the business?

A: All hints and signs point that way, but up to this point, everything is still rumors. We need to wait until Dodge official provides information and announcement about their upcoming 2024 Dodge Viper

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