2024 Dodge Charger and the Discontinued Hemi V8 Unit

Although there are many rumors concerning the new 2024 Dodge Charger, it seems that the era of loud roaring engine and punchy performance will soon be over. People have speculated (and expected) that Dodge will keep their muscle rides as it is despite the technologies and the advance in mechanical sectors. But with strict emission regulations, such a thing isn’t possible anymore, and Dodge would be forced to make changes.

The Absence of Hemi Engine

Dodge muscle rides have become iconic parts of the auto industry. One of the reasons why they gain such a huge popularity is the Hemi 8 units that are known for its powerful capability. Aside from punchy performance and the roaring sound, the engine is known for its solid quality and trusted ability. But its time has ended because Dodge would replace the unit with all electric unit.

2024 Dodge Charger
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Dodge had teased their eMuscle variants in 2021 (during summer time) and since then people have wondered what the new gen vehicles would look like. They have been hopeful that the company would retain the similar engine arrangement. However, the emission regulation will make the company give up their loud, mean, and popular unit; somewhat forcing them to turn to a more environmentally friendly options. It’s a tough option: You stick with super popular option that is no longer ‘allowed’, or you turn to something that is eco friendly, but having to give up all the likable elements.

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New BEV Platform

Despite many hopeful expectations, the company representative has shut all of those hopes down. They have stated that the V8 platform will no longer be available, because they are going to focus on the next BEV platform or the next gen. With BEV platform, it means that fans would have to say goodbye to their favorite Hemi unit.

2024 Dodge Charger Concept
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With short, but firm, confirmation from Dodge, it means that the new 2024 Dodge Charger, including the Challenger would be running completely on battery power. For the hardcore muscle enthusiasts and lovers, this is definitely a bad news. No more roaring loud sound that is familiar to them. No more the unique exhaust fumes they like. But they don’t need to worry, really, because performance won’t be compromised. It’s true that some of the familiar sound and noise and smell would be different, but the performance won’t.

Dodge reassures buyers and customers that they won’t compromise the reliable name of the iconic products. They understand that people are skeptical about electrification, so they want to prove it that they can make a reliable and super strong vehicle. If they are able to combine solid performance, eco-friendly electric power, and promising speed, people won’t look down on electric unit anymore.

The Unclear Details

Although Dodge has confirmed it that they won’t be making any combustion unit for their future muscle ride productions, they haven’t laid out any details about it. When production takes place, what kinds of technical aspects to expect, what features to wait for, and others are still mysterious and shady. The company would display their concept products by the end of August, but that’s the only detail we know so far.

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Dodge Charger Redesign 2024
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The Expected Future

We need to realize that modern techs are the future. Any effort to save the environment is crucial than personal preference (and enjoyment). Whether you welcome it or not, electric would be our future. Dodge is heading toward the future; just like the others who have started the path. Whereas people expect the first electric vehicle from Dodge would be a Durango or even RAM 1500 (EV), it’s possible that it’s actually the all electric Challenger or Charger.

Final Words

The only confirmation and updated news about the future production from Dodge is about their all electric rides. Details are shady. It’s unclear when production will begin, let alone availability at dealerships. There is even unclear confirmation about which muscle ride that would be available first: whether it is the Charger or the Challenger.

As the name suggests, the new Challenger or Charger would likely be available in the 2024; or at least by the end of 2023. Don’t expect them to be available before the year. We should also get more updates and more confirmation of the 2024 Dodge Charger so stay tuned!

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