2024 Dodge Challenger eMuscle Confirmation and Future Production

After Dodge is making confirmation about their stop producing the combustion muscle rides, it seems that the 2024 Dodge Challenger would be coming in the form of electric vehicle. The company themselves hasn’t stated anything about the official release, but many have waited for the eMuscle ride. Although they won’t be having the Hemi unit anymore, it’s quite optimistic to expect better and improved much performance of the future electric vehicle. So, what to expect from the new Challenger?

The Updated Performance

Dodge is basically taking a risk when they decide to maintain their muscle rides, but now equipped it with electric power. It’s not easy to electrify one of the most iconic muscle vehicles in the history, but the company is ready to deal with their challenges. In fact, they are said to be quite satisfied with the final results and the overall performance – although they haven’t revealed anything just yet.

2024 Dodge Challenger Engine
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The new 2024 Dodge Challenger eMuscle would be constructed on the special big (electric) vehicle platform, especially designed and developed by Stellantis, which is claimed to generate promising outcome. Being able to cover 300 miles of range is impressive, but 500 miles? That’s fantastic! So far, the company hasn’t provided any information about the powertrain of the eMuscle, but if you check a teaser video on YouTube, you will see the ride and four wheel burnout, which means that it’s likely running on all wheel driving system.

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2024 Dodge Challenger
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But some of the bad news may take the impact on the Hellcat. With such an already sophisticated performance, the Hellcat level is experiencing lower (and reduced) range estimation from before. Although the company hasn’t said anything or shown anything (related to the design), but it’s clear that the new Challenger would be designed to honor the classic and retro Charger and Challenger models. The company would also bring back the Fratzog logo, which was familiar for the Dodge rides in the 60s and 70s.

Engine and Performance

In the previous years, many are still hopeful that Dodge would still gold on to the V8 Hemi unit. However, be ready to get disappointed because the new Challenger (and Charger) won’t be having another V8 unit anymore. Well, at least not since 2024 models. According to many trusted sources, the upcoming muscle vehicle variants from Dodge would be coming with electric power only. Let’s forget about the V8. After 2023 model, there won’t be the regular platform or Hemi power anymore.

BEV Large architecture would be the new platform that is especially designed for electric cars, able to support muscle arrangements and all wheel driving system. This is one of the main 4 platforms that Stellantis is developing, including STLA Frame, STLA Medium, and STLA Small. The STLA Frame is designed for SUVs and pickup trucks with body on frame construction.

2024 Dodge Challenger Emuscle
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If everything goes as planned, the concept ride should debut somewhere in 17th of August 2022, which is basically before Woodward Dream Cruise 2022. It’s also possible that Dodge would ‘show off’ other of their new products, including the Hornet SUV crossover 2023 (which is a plug in hybrid). This is also the possibility that Dodge showing off Hellcat edition with (Dodge) program, the Direct Connection Performance Parts, so the supercharged muscle ride can have a breathtaking performance and abilities.

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Price and Release Date

There are several trims that are possibly offered to the Challenger. The base one would be the SXT with tag price of around $50,000. The higher one would be the GT and the R/T. The top of the line would be the Hellcat with tag price of around $75,000.

These prices are predictions, so we should wait for official confirmation. For the release date, there is no info just yet. Hopefully, after 17th of August, everything about 2024 Dodge Challenger would be clearer.

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