2023 Dodge Journey: Targeting the Future Market in Mexico

The 2023 Dodge Journey may have a specific target market in Mexico because that’s where the crossover is hugely liked. The Journey is designed as a family crossover that packs up a lot of power, handy function, and also stylish design. The 2022 model was coming back to the area, thanks to Stellantis working together with GAC (Guangzhou Auto Group Co, Ltd.) and also Trumpchi GS5. Originally, the Journey was designed as a three row crossover for family, but for the New Dodge Journey 2023 model, it would be coming as a two row vehicle that can accommodates 5 people quite comfortably.

Design and Layout

The 2023 model is the second gen Journey, and it has even made a reputation as one of the most popular (and also best selling) SUVs in the Mexican market. Kudos to Dodge’s design team that can combine Trumpchi GS5 with Dodge’s signature style without overdoing or lack-of-doing the layout. One of the best style features of this crossover is the bandit style grille along with the 190 (LED) rear taillight bar inspired from the GS5. When compared to the previous 2020 Journey, the new model definitely looks sportier and more masculine.

2023 Dodge Journey
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The 2023 Dodge Journey Interior

Journey’s cabin has been known as one of the plush ones. Not only it’s posh, but it’s also lavish and highly cozy. The cabin is roomy, able to accommodate 5 adult passengers quite comfortably. Not to mention that it also comes with big cargo space with smart 60/40 configuration that makes the space becomes even roomier.

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2023 Dodge Journey Awd
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It’s a good thing that GS5 inspires some of the interior elements, especially from the better material aspects. With (LCD) digital information screen, more features, and also safe drive assist technologies, you can definitely expect a lot from this crossover.

Powertrain and Performance

The 2023 Dodge Journey is likely coming with some powertrain options. There is an inline four cylinder turbocharged unit with 1.5 liter capacity as the standard, generating 169 hp and 195 Nm of torque. This unit features the electronically controlled low inertia Borg Warner turbocharger as well as the (Second gen) Bosch injection system with the high pressure ability. It’s done to make sure that fuel consumption, emission reduction, and combustion stability is well-maintained.

2023 Dodge Journey Price
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This powertrain is paired up to auto 6 speed Aisin transmission, offering fast shifting response, adaptive smart control, self learning, and also low fuel consumption. Thanks to this Aisin unit, the O=Journey is able to enjoy Natural Control as well as ESS (Engine Stop/Start).

Q and A

Q: When will the Journey be offered at dealerships?

A: If you live in Mexico, you are in luck because the Journey is already available at the company’s dealerships.

Q: According to some sources, the Journey would be coming in 6 different exterior colors. What are they?

A: They would be Shiny Copper, Black Gloss, Blue Bright, Silver, White Bright, and Granite.

Q: What about the 2023 Dodge Journey price range?

A: The information about the price range is still very limited, so we should know more later once further (and complete) information about 2023 Dodge Journey is available.

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