2024 Toyota Tacoma and Tundra’s Inspirations

What would the new 2024 Toyota Tacoma look like? Well, there are several things to consider at this point. Toyota has redesigned their Tundra, and it’s possible that they are going to do the same with their Tacoma. If Tundra’s inspiration provides any cue, it’s possible that the Tacoma would get almost similar treatments and styling cues. However, let’s not forget that Tacoma and Tundra are set in different categories; Tundra is the full size truck, while Tacoma is the mid size type.

The Updated Improvements

The Tacoma truck is able to ‘dominate’ the mid size segment, even outselling the other domestic brands, such as Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado. However, to be able to compete against another similar powerful truck like Tundra requires pretty obvious (and significant) improvements. It’s a good thing that Toyota is determined to do so.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric
Source : Autoevolution.com

For the new platform, the Tacoma would be coming with the new platform, the body on frame construction, along with the rear suspension with coil spring mechanism and others. But of course, the new platform isn’t the only thing to expect from the new Tacoma. There would be engine upgrade, meaning that there would be hybrid four cylinder version. Expect a more advanced infotainment system along with more stylish interior cabin.

The Detailed Improvements

It’s likely that the new 2024 Toyota Tacoma would be constructed on the new architecture of TNGA-F. It’s a body on frame construction that would be used not only for the new Tundra, but also 4Runner and Sequoia. If you take a look at Tundra for inspiration, you can expect the new Tacoma to have unique (and distinctive) fender bulges and somewhat familiar grille.

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Trim and Prices

Toyota hasn’t provided any detail and information about the trims and variants, including the prices. But if the previous models are the indication, you can expect several trim options. The base would be the SR with tag set around $28,000, while the higher trim would be the SR5. Then there would be TRD Sport, and then TRD Offroad, and then the Limited. The TRD Offroad is estimated to be $38,000, while the Limited would be $41,000. The highest trim would be the TRD Pro with tag price of around $46,000.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid
Source : Autoweek.com

Naturally, the higher the trim, the more features you can expect. It’s most likely that the standard favorable trim would be the TRD Sport, while the TRD Pro would be an exclusive option with top of the line offers, features, and technologies.

Engine and Performance

The Tacoma is a promising and reliable vehicle, but the auto six speed transmission is somewhat obsolete and clumsy. For now, this is the only mid size vehicle offering manual transmission. When you compare the transmission with Nissan Frontier or GMC Canyon, the difference is obvious.

2024 Toyota Tacoma
Source : Autoevolution.com

The current Tacoma comes with basic four cylinder unit, and another V6 unit as alternative option. Honda Ridgeline is also running on V6 unit, but it’s somewhat more powerful and punchier when compared to the Tacoma. That’s why many have expected the new Tacoma to come with four cylinder turbocharged unit of 2.4 liter capacity (taken from Lexus NX350), generating 275 hp and 317 Nm of torque. It is paired with auto eight speed transmission. As it was mentioned before, there would be hybrid V6 version, but details are scarce.

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Possible Design

There aren’t many details about the exterior and interior styling, so we can only expect the best. Many hope that crew and extended cab would still be available, while long and short bed option still remains. Hopefully, the back seat would have roomier space than the current dimension.

Information about detailed techs is slim. And so is the information about release date and price ranges. We should know more about 2024 Toyota Tacoma once further details are available.

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