2024 BMW X4 on the Development Stage

What can people expect from the upcoming 2024 BMW X4? Although the information is still limited, several sources have confirmed that the X4 is on its way. It’s going through development stage, and the company is pretty confident about its future. However, some sources also say that the X4 would likely be inspired much from the X3, which has been spotted in several occasions, but not making any official launch just yet.

About the X4

For global sales, the X4 is said to have a pretty promising and well sales figures. It seems that Beemer’s plan to take X6’s mold and create a smaller version of the X3 coupe (with coupe like style) has paid it off. The first gen of the X4 was first introduced during New York Motor Show in 2013, but at that time, it was showcased as the sportier version of the X3. And despite the good looking design and impressive performance, not everyone loves the idea of having the X4.

2024 BMW X4 Release Date
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Keep in mind that the X4 is the ‘compact’ version of the X3, which means that you can always go with X3 if you want the bigger model. And let’s not forget that even with the compact version, you will still have to deal with hefty price, meaning that the X4 isn’t cheap. Unless you are loaded, most people would consider buying the full-size type and be done with it. It doesn’t mean that the X4 is a lousy vehicle; it’s just that not everyone would find such a vehicle to be completely functional and useful.

2024 BMW X4 Colors
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From the look of it, it seems that the 2024 BMW X4 would be coming as an M Competition model or variant, which isn’t bad at all. The grille has this nice flowing design that makes the entire vehicle more ‘logical’ and reasonable in terms of appearance. But then again, the information is very scarce, so we don’t know much about the future X4.

X3 Inspired?

Some sources claim that the future X4 will likely get a lot of inspiration from the current X3. Unfortunately, the current X3 is still in the development stage and it hasn’t been ready for sales. The prototype is still wearing a camo, which makes it even more difficult to see the overall shape and design.

2024 BMW X4
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From the look of it, the new X3 is coming with a new design door handles, which are somewhat flushed fit paired together with the rising window line. The headlights have this familiar shape from the XM, which has been used by the X7 and also 7-Series. Expect to see bigger kidney grille, which would be tweaked later on because they aren’t done. If you look it from closer, you will see cooling holes being drilled into the grille, which means that the kidneys are basically taller and bigger.

Q and A

Q: Do we have an official confirmation about the future design of the X4?

A: Not yet, the information is too slim and limited.

Q: Does it mean that we don’t know the launch date and the price range either?

A: Yes, we don’t know about it until the company provides more detailed info about their upcoming 2024 BMW X4.

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