What Would Be the Best Tires for Ford Fusion 2023 that Matches Your Requirements?

Finding the Best Tires for Ford Fusion 2023 would seem to be a good idea when you want to find a matching accessory to your midsize sedan. This is considered one of the best options for mobile and active people. As years go by, improvements are made, resulting in a more comfortable driving experience and also smooth operation. The question is now: Which brand or model would be suitable for the Fusion? What are your options when you live in various different areas with also different geographical markers?

Continental VikingContact 7

Continental VikingContact 7
Continental VikingContact 7

Want to get yourself a best tire for winter? There are many good reasons why this tire makes it into the list of the best tires for Ford Fusion. When you are looking for a quiet and also comfortable tire for safer drive, this model from Continental can be your new best friend.

  • The tire is quiet and smooth. It has good stability and impressive riding quality that you may not find from other brands. This is quite surprising because it’s not common for such winter tire to come with such perks
  • It has ice and snow traction, and the performance is quite good. If you live in the area where it’s often snowing, you have made the right option.
  • It can offer impressive performance on both wet and dry surfaces

The performance is waning on rough roads, though. It isn’t comfortable anymore and it isn’t quiet anymore. In fact, you can hear the noise quite noticeably.

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General G-Max AS-05

General G-Max AS-05
General G-Max AS-05

This one is known for its durability and strength. It’s packed with so many good features, including impressive handling on both wet and dry surfaces. Other features and elements to love about this tire are:

  • It has silica content and also spikes for dry handling. When you have to drive off in high speed situation on dry roads, you can do it with confidence and without any fuss
  • It can offer good waterproof quality because of the asymmetrical (tread) design. This is also another element that is responsible for good wet traction and impeccable wet handling.
  • This tire has the so-called Stabilitread technology that can deliver amazing durability. Not to mention that the sidewall construction is coming in dual layer system and 2 steel belts (the high strength ones), leading to a more impressive outcome.

Despite its impressive performance on both dry and wet conditions, it isn’t very promising for snow (or winter) conditions. The snow performance is quite ‘lame’ and not as responsive as other competitors

Bridgestone Potenza RE980 AS

Bridgestone Potenza RE980 AS
Bridgestone Potenza RE980 AS

Designed as a high performance tire, this model is able to deliver some top-notch performances and qualities, especially on highways. There are some good reasons why it’s included in the Best Tires for Ford Fusion 2023 list.

  • It has good rolling resistance because the combination of asymmetric tread pattern and all season tread compound. You can also expect impeccable performance on highways
  • It can offer high speed stability, whether you want to tackle the corners or go in the straight lines
  • The tire offers a lot of steering feedback and also amazing steering response
  • The combo of lateral grooves and also circumferential grooves are responsible for its impressive wet performance. The traction and the grip are just unbelievable
  • Thanks to the all season tread compound (which is not often in a performance tire), you won’t have to worry about the slippery risks
  • The aquaplaning resistance quality is quite high, improving your safety
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The possible downsides, however, are always there, including:

  • The wet braking isn’t as solid as promised. It won’t be short, so maintain a safe distance
  • The level of comfort depends on various driving conditions (and how you drive your vehicle). Driving in moderate and ‘normal’ speed would have a comfort level that is different from high speed situation.

Cooper C35 Grand Touring

Cooper C35 Grand Touring
Cooper C35 Grand Touring

Who says you must always spend a fortune when you want to have a grand touring tire? This model from Cooper is the real proof that even a budget-friendly tire can deliver breathtaking performance without hurting your wallet.

  • It is packed with top notch and latest technology, such as wear indicator, so you don’t have to deal with unexpected (and pleasantly sudden) incident
  • The tag price is convenient. It’s definitely ‘cheaper’ than the other premium competitors, and yet it can offer impressive treadlife, road manners, and performance.
  • The treadwear warranty is nice and generous.
  • It can deliver great performance and ability in both wet and dry conditions. It has silica compound that increases traction and grip while making sure that there is an even wear.

However, the tire is pretty usable (and kind of a useless) when used in a snowy setting. If you live in the area where it snows often, this won’t be the perfect option.

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife
Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

If you are looking for the best tires for Ford Fusion as well as the one that has the trusted durability, then this tire should be included in your wishlist. The tire is known for its outstanding durability and longevity, while improving stability and firmness (without compromising comfort and plush effect) at the same time.

  • The tire has amazing tread warranty (85,000 miles) which is quite impressive when compared to the others
  • For daily driving, this tire promotes safe mechanism. it can absorb bumps very nicely and it delivers smooth operation.
  • This is one of the most durable tires ever produced
  • The hydroplaning resistance is excellent and flawless
  • The dry traction is excellent with solid grip even on bumpy roads
  • It encourages quiet and comfortable ride
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The only downside is the snow performance. Sure, it’s still functional in light snow, but the overall handling in snowy condition is quite so-so; not as impressive as other brands or models.

Final Words

With so many different options, you should have no difficulty narrowing down your options. These brands, of course, are only some examples of the available options. Feel free to explore more and find your own models of the best tires for Ford Fusion – especially the one that would be downright perfect for you.

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