2025 RAM 2500 and All the Possible Good Updates

What to expect from the new 2025 RAM 2500? Although the auto maker hasn’t disclosed any information about their upcoming heavy duty pickup truck, many auto enthusiasts are hopeful that good things will happen to this model. The Heavy Duty RAM trucks, like 2500 and 3500, have been known for its great refinement and interior comfort. Add it up with promising powertrain, and you get something reliable, perfect for adventurous drive or functional work. So, what can we expect from the new 2500, anyway?

The Updated Looks on the Outside

Rumor has it that the 2025 RAM 2500 will get significant improvement and updates, which are intended to boost the modern appeal of the truck. The new design will incorporate somewhat better aerodynamics style that will affect the appearance of the truck as well as the performance. The truck will have a more elegant appearance with modern touch-up. It’s a sure thing that the truck will have a bigger (thus, reflecting in more aggressive) grille.

2025 RAM 2500 Redesign
2025 RAM 2500 Redesign

Moreover, the truck will have a better combo of suspension and design. The aerodynamic aspect can improve fuel efficiency factor, while the improved suspension can result in more comfortable driving quality. Also expect newer features, like LED lights or cameras with 360 degrees viewing abilities.

In terms of colors, the new 2500 is said to offer new colors, which are believed to be more attractive and visually pleasing. Some of the new options are:

  • Red Maroon
  • Grey Dark
  • Black Metallic
  • White Pearl
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But some sources stated that there would be more complete options that may cover:

  • Blue Patriot Pearlcoat
  • Black Gucci
  • Granite Crystal Metallic
  • White Bright
  • Gray Light Arctic
  • Red Dark Garnet Pearl

The Possible Interior Cabin Changes

It’s not just the exterior area that gets the major updates, but also the interior. In fact, you should expect some significant improvements, such as bigger touchscreen or more sophisticated infotainment system. Don’t be surprised if you find other advanced technologies, such as gesture control or voice recognition. Everything is done not only to make the truck more comfortable, but also safer. Better materials should also be expected to deliver better comfort to the cabin.

2025 RAM 2500 Interior
2025 RAM 2500 Interior

Powertrain and Performance

The changes will also take place to the powertrain, where there won’t be another V8 Hemi unit anymore. The new powertrain would be an inline six twin turbocharged unit that can offer at least 420 hp. It’s possible that it can reach 540 hp with the right tweak. It would be paired up with auto 8 speed transmission.

2025 RAM 2500 Engine
2025 RAM 2500 Engine

Price and Trim Levels

Although the auto maker hasn’t disclosed further detailed information about their upcoming 2025 RAM 2500, we can always take a look from the previous models – and also their trim levels and tag prices. The 2024 model was offered in 7 different trim levels, starting from Tradesman and ends up with Limited Longhorn as the highest trim. And the price range is set between $47,000 and $90,000.

It’s expected that the new model would have almost similar price, if not a slight increased. The possible price ranges are:

  • Tradesman, as the base trim, would be set at around $47,500
  • The next line would be the Big Horn, with a tag of $52,500
  • Afterwards, comes Laramie, set at $65,500
  • And next, there would be Power Wagon at $71,500
  • Afterwards, there would be Rebel with $72,000
  • Followed by Limited Longhorn with a tag of $85,500
  • Limited at the top of the line would be set at $90,500
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Final Words

Again, you should take a grain and salt over this update about 2500 because the auto maker hasn’t made any official confirmation. The information is based on speculations and predictions swirling in the auto world right now. When it will be released? It’s not clear either, but the 2025 RAM 2500 is expected to be ready before the end of 2024 or in the beginning of 2025 as the latest launch, so you should stay tuned!

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