The More Powerful 2024 Ram 3500 Variant

The 2024 Ram 3500 is said to be tougher and stronger than the 1500, especially in towing ability. If you need more towing ability, and you also expect more from your lines of vehicle, then the HD trucks from Ram would be the best option. In some cases, those who own the 1500 find out that they can’t really tow as much as they want, which ‘forces’ them to choose the stronger version.

The Redesigned Work

Rumor has it that the new Ram would have a more robust and somewhat muscular look. It would be coming with a traditional boxy design, sharp edges, and colossal grille. For the Limited, there would be a signature grille style, while the Limited Longhorn would have two tone paint scheme. Many have expected the Power Wagon offroad, and it is expected to have a more rugged look – similar to Ram 1500 Rebel. Basically, Ram tries to provide as many trim levels as possible, providing various limitless options for buyers.

2024 Ram 3500
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The Interior Cabin

The 3500 is said to be coming as modern truck having functional and also spacious cabin. Levels of comfort are different from one another, depending on the cab options. Regular Cab, for instance, doesn’t come with back seat, while you can expect roomy back seat with the Crew Cab. The Mega Cab even offers spacious rear legroom with 43 inches of space.

2024 Ram 3500 HD
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If you want to get the best bargain for your money, choose the Big Horn. You can get heated front seats, heated steering wheel, and infotainment system with 8.4 inch as the standard features. The higher trim level you choose, the more features you can expect.

Powertrain and Performance

The upcoming 2024 Ram 3500 would likely be running with 3 different options. The first one (the base level) would be the V8 Hemi gas power with 6.4 liter capacity, delivering 410 hp and 429 Nm of torque. The second option would be an inline six diesel turbocharged unit with 6.7 liter capacity, generating 370 hp and 850 Nm of torque. And then there would be a special one, the high output model, running on the same inline six, churning 420 hp and 1.075 Nm of torque. This one would be able to tow 37,100 pounds. The V8 unit would be paired with auto 8 speed transmission, and the Cummins would be coming with auto 6 speed transmission.

2024 Ram 3500 Dually
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Price Factor

The current price for the 3500 Ram starts at around $40,000 and it’s for the regular type. If you go with the Mega Cab, it can cost you around $54,000. If you choose turbo diesel Cummins unit, it would even cost you more, less than $10,000. And if you want to have the higher output, you may have to extend your spending up to $12,000.

Q and A

Q: When will the 3500 2024 available?

A: It should be ready in 2023, expected before the fall.

Q: How would the 3500 look like?

A: It is still unclear because Ram hasn’t exactly provided the detailed information and description. We just have to wait and see until the company provides the official release concerning their 2024 Ram 3500.

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