2025 Lexus IS Next Gen Production is Coming

The upcoming 2025 Lexus IS has been planned to debut in around 2025 as the next gen vehicle. This one would be running on battery-electric powertrain that is coming as a sedan and also a wagon, so there would be two models launched in the upcoming 2025. This goes along with Toyota’s plan to ditch the e-TNGA platform (which they previously used with Lexus RZ) for a more efficient and also optimized package.

The Updated Plan

When recently Lexus focused on their sports sedan, it’s pretty clear that IS has an old underpinnings and worn structure. It’s a good thing that the auto manufacturer is somewhat still interested in the ride, leading to them deciding on making the new IS with new powertrain (the battery-electric type) in 2025.

2025 Lexus Is
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It wasn’t easy for Toyota and Lexus to adopt the new EV technology. They were reluctant because they were into hybrid techs, believing that it’s not only good, but also efficient for the environment. However, the company introduced many concepts in 2021, previewing many of potential electric models within all segments.

New Design and Possible Model

It seems that the auto manufacturer had planned on making the Celica as their performance electric ride, but it’s even possible that the (all electric) IS would be coming sooner. According to the source having the Celica story, the new 2025 Lexus IS BEV would be available within 3 years. As it was mentioned before, the vehicle would be offered as a sedan as well as a hatchback or wagon. The company is inspired by Panamera Sport Turismo.

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2025 Lexus Is Awd
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But then again, it’s only rumor and predictions. It’s not quite clear whether Toyota would be making the IS was the rumored sources, but considering that some of the sources are believed to be solid and true, it’s quite promising that they are going to produce one – just as planned.

The Preview Design

Lexus has actually presented some kind of concept and designs last December. They called it Electrified Sedan Concept). The concept sedan hasn’t been confirmed to be the upcoming IS, but it did come with many elements that IS has, such as the C-pillar shape.

2025 Lexus Is Cost
Source : Carbuzz.com

It’s quite interesting that aside to the wagon model, there may be other models being offered, such as the convertible or the lifted wagon. And to make it more interesting, all of these models would be constructed on a new platform. According to some sources, Lexus seriously wants a hatchback model because they want to go against their strongest rival in Europe, and they haven’t offered any hatchback since their 2000s production with IS300 SportsCross.

The Possible Powertrain

Again, there is no exact information about the powertrain, but the company wants the (true) torque vectoring that is paired with dual motors and they would be placed on the back. With this kind of arrangement, it seems that there would be one performance model sets in the planning. Moreover, the auto manufacturer is working together with Denso and Aisin, so that the new IS can have 2-speed gearbox, which means that IS may get the inspiration from Porsche Taycan.

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Construction and Layout

The new IS may be coming with 1900 kilograms with standard dimension of 4770mm in length, 1850mm in width, and 1437mm on height. The wheelbase is set at around 2850mm, which means that it’s a bit longer than the current model. The output is expected to set at around 265 kW, which isn’t a lot, but still punchy enough.

For now, there hasn’t been any information or update about the release date or the price, so we need to wait for further revelation of 2025 Lexus IS.

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