2025 Kia Soul EX: A Possible Carryover from the 2024 Model Year

There is no new information or update about 2025 Kia Soul EX as the newest 2024 model would be released in 2024, so it’s pretty normal if the company wants to focus on their 2024 model first. The latest news about the Soul is that Kia would be releasing their Soul EX and they are pretty confident about this new production. They are sure that the new Soul would be able to attract buyers, and it should affect their upcoming sales figures. So, what should we know about the new Soul?

The Updated Plan

The new 2024 Kia Soul would be coming only with front wheel driving system, but there is a possibility that it’s being offered as a crossover instead of a hatchback. Yes, the latter may have roomy space that is able to accommodate 5 people comfortably, but Kia has their own planning.

Soul has its own combination of appealing traits, including reasonable price, high efficiency, and also attractive design. It has been competing against other solid names, such as Hyundai Venue, Nissan Kicks, and Toyota C-HR which speaks volumes of its own capability. With boxy design and buzzcut roofline, the vehicle certainly looks appealing and attractive.

2025 Kia Soul
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The 2024 model is coming with a redesign, which makes many auto enthusiasts believe that 2025 Kia Soul would likely come as a carryover. The 2024 model would incorporate small LED headlights and also the (unreadable) emblem. The body profile would be clean and clear, allowing the company to develop lines and curves. You have to admit that even the cutlines (on the tailgate) and back trim around the rear pillars are visually striking despite some comments saying that they are considered a clutter. When compared to the first (and original) generation of the Soul, you should be able to see the significant differences.

What to Expect?

Aside from visual appearance, you should also expect the new Soul EX to have better interior cabin and somewhat punchier performance. Expect some standard features such as wireless charging, touchscreen display, and others. Safety driving assist should also be expected. With the combination of athletic and sleek exterior that is just perfect when matched with the comfy interior, Soul should be able to attract all kinds of drivers: young and old. We should wait for further confirmation about the available features and technologies.

2025 Kia Soul Review
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Powertrain and Performance

The standard Soul would be running on inline four unit with 2.0 liter capacity as a standard, delivering 147 hp through the CVT and front wheel driving system. Don’t expect to find manual gearbox for the Soul, which is different from the previous model. This arrangement is considered ideal because it won’t deliver too much pressure on the front wheel driving system.

2025 Kia Soul Rumors
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There is an optional turbo four unit with 201 hp that is paired up with auto dual clutch transmission. This one would be more suitable for highways instead of city street (the previous unit is more ideal for urban city condition) as it can deliver smooth performance; not lagging or with delay.

Price and Release Date

There is no official confirmation about the release date, although some people say that it may take place before 2023 ends. At the latest, the car may be available within the very early of 2024. The 2024 model starts from around $20,500 for the EX trim, while the S would cost you around $27,000. The latter comes with better features, including wireless charging for the smartphone, 10.3 inch of touchscreen display, better materials for the seating, and also better safety features. Considering that 2025 Kia Soul may likely be a carryover, the price range may not be overly different from the 2024 model.

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