2024 Toyota Highlander Grand, Set between the Highlander and Sequoia

What’s the update of 2024 Toyota Highlander? Well, it seems that the new Highlander is likely coming as the Grand Highlander, and its launch would likely be similar (or close) to the upcoming Lexus TX. According to the updates, these SUVs would be built as big SUVs that can accommodate three row seats. It means that both vehicles would be able to accommodate up to 8 people comfortably, which makes it ideal as a family vehicle.

The Updated Plan

Last year, Toyota filed an official trademark, and it was related to the Grand Highlander. According to many (reliable) sources that are close to the company, Toyota and also Lexus have planned on adding two big and new SUVs within their lineups. Toyota with its Grand Highlander has made a plan to launch it in the middle of 2023, as the Toyota Grand Highlander 2024 model, likely. These sources have confirmed this upcoming plan, but Toyota hasn’t made any official release concerning this.

2024 Toyota Highlander Grand
Source : Suvdrive.com

The Grand Highlander would be placed between the Highlander and the Sequoia, which has been newly redesigned. The vehicle would be coming with unibody style, able to accommodate 8 people while also providing hybrid powertrain. The Grand Highlander is basically designed for those who often complain about the limited rear space (and also the lack thereof) within the Highlander.

2024 Toyota Highlander Grand Awd
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For the Lexus TX, it’s likely coming after the Grand Highlander is released – around 6 months later. It means that there is a possibility that it comes by the end of 2023 if the Grand Highlander is truly released in the middle of 2023.

Design and Layout

Considering that Toyota hasn’t made any official announcement about their upcoming 2024 Toyota Highlander, we can’t really expect to get detailed info or updates about the big crossover. There has been a rendering image with CGI technology, providing clearer ideas of what the Grand Highlander would look like. Keep in mind, though, that this rendering image isn’t made by Toyota, so don’t be too surprised if the real final result is different from the rendering image.

2024 Toyota Highlander Grand Auto
Source : Motor1.com

The Toyota Highlander Redesign 2024 looks pretty different from the regular Highlander, especially on the front area. The elongated rear is definitely different, providing more area for the second and also third row seats. The appearance may look promising, but we need to wait for the company’s reveal. For now, there is no information or rendering image of the interior or the Lexus TX.

Q and A

Q: Where would the Grand Highlander be manufactured?

A: It seems that both Lexus TX and Grand Highlander Toyota would be made in Indiana Motor Manufacturing, in Princeton. The manufacturing plant is said to experience upgrade, which is up to $1 billion to enable them to produce these big SUVs.

Q: What kind of body construction be used for the Grand Highlander?

A: It’s likely that the company would retain the unibody structure, which they have used for the previous model.

Q: How much is the new Grand Highlander would be?

A: Pricing isn’t known for now. But many people have predicted that the new 2024 Toyota Highlander Grand would have a higher price range than the regular Highlander, but we still need to prove it whether it’s true or not.

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