2024 Tesla Model S Updates Coming up!

It’s being official: The upcoming 2024 Tesla Model S is getting updates, with new taillights, headlights, and also CCS charging ports. The company has finally released an official announcement about it. It seems that the company starts to realize the importance to update the S, considering that the model has been around on the market for a decade.

About the Model S

Model S is basically one of the oldest models ever manufactured by the company. Considering that it has been around for a decade and there is nearly a significant update to the vehicle, it’s just due time that it gets a quick refresh. Tesla needs to consider transforming the sedan, constructing it with a new platform.

2024 Tesla Model S
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Let’s not forget that sedan isn’t exactly the most favorable models in this era, where the SUVs and crossovers dominate the market. Many auto manufacturers have decided to ditch their sedan production because it is such a challenge – and they don’t really have the efforts, resources, and energy to focus solely on their sedan variant. It seems that Tesla may be overwhelmed with this Model S production; considering that they are also busy focusing on their electric lineups.

The 2024 Model

According to the company’s timeline, they started manufacturing the updated version of the vehicle and it happened 6 months ago. They did it six months ago and they managed to come up with refreshed powertrain, exterior features, and totally new interior. This is the main reason why it was quite bit of a shock to see a new prototype of Model S spotted during a testing stage just recently.

2024 Tesla Model S Features
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Updated New Look

When spotted, this suspected new 2024 Tesla Model S seemed to have new looks, especially the updated taillights and a bit modified backend and larger charge port. Many have suspected that the prototype may be the latest version of Model S and it is designed for international markets. There is a possibility that several design updates may be also available for North American model.

2024 Tesla Model S Edition
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There have been several images available on the net, showing the prototype going through a testing stage in China. This would be the first time ever the vehicle shown in a market, beside the Canadian market. Tesla is predicted to introduce the vehicle for Asian and European market too, so there is always a possibility that there are new models for these international markets.

Q and A

Q: Has the company provided the information about the entire design or look of the new Model S?

A: Not yet. But there have been several images on the net showing the possibility of the Model S for the future launch, but then again, these images aren’t confirmed by the company so they aren’t official.

Q: Does it mean that the Model S has already been in the manufacturing stage?

A: The possibility is slim. But then again, Tesla is in the rush for making their new lines, so it’s highly likely that it’s already in the production stage. But the information about this Model S and its production is very limited. Tesla needs to provide detailed info about their 2024 Tesla Model S soon if they don’t want the buyers to lose interest.

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