2024 Acura TLX Production Being Delayed to the Following Year

If you want some updates for the upcoming 2024 Acura TLX, you won’t find any in the near future because the production of the sedan has been postponed. They are probably getting it into production in the following year. But no need to worry or fret as the 2024 model would bring tons of good stuff.

The Updated Plan

The company plans on doing some major works, not only limited to the exterior and interior of the vehicle, but also the powertrain. One of the biggest appeals of the TLX is the spacious cabin, which is luckily will still be maintained in the upcoming update work.

2024 Acura TLX Awd
Source : Motorauthority.com

The Physical Updates

The TLX has got some significant and major updates a few years back, so there won’t be any dramatic or significant updates happening to 2024 Acura TLX. Despite the planned minor tweaks, the sedan should be able to look more appealing and stylish. The company has their own strategies to provide more trim options as well as new colors although they will make the proportion stay the same. If you want the sportier model, then go with Type S. it would be coming with sleek 20 inch wheels, sportier setup for the suspension, and even beefy Brembo brakes.

2024 Acura TLX Type S Exterior
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For the interior cabin, the cabin itself will remain elegant and plush. The high quality materials (including real aluminum and open pore wood) would complement the entire arrangement. You should also expect better features, especially the advanced types as the standard.

Powertrain and Performance

Although there are rumors about the TLX getting some powertrain updates, it seems that many sources have pointed out that the new TLX will still be running on four cylinder turbocharged unit with 2.0 liter capacity, delivering 272 hp which is paired with auto 10 speed transmission. The sedan would be coming with front wheel driving system, with optional all wheel for those who want it.

2024 Acura TLX Exterior
Source : Japanbullet.com

If you want a more potent and punchier power, you should go with Type S performance model. The powertrain is running on V6 unit turbo with 3.0 liter capacity, able to generate 355 hp and auto 10 speed transmission. It offers all wheel driving system as the standard and also sportier suspension arrangement.

Q and A

Q: What are the main competitors for Acura TLX?

A: The competitors are quite many, including Kia Stinger, Volvo S60, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Genesis G70 and Lexus IS.

Q: What are the available trims and price ranges for the new TLX?

A: The TLX would be offered in 7 trim levels. The base trim is set at around $40,000, while the higher Technology would be $43,000. Then there is A-Specs with $46,000, Advance level at $48,000, and Type S at $55,000. The higher trim, the Type S PMC, would cost you a good $58,000.

Q: When can people start buying this TLX?

A: It should be coming in 2023, within the second half. Although the information about the 2024 Acura TLX is still limited, let’s hope that the model would only experience the best treatments as well as the punchier performance.

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