2024 Lexus RC F Development on Features and Techs

2024 Lexus RC F would be the next sports vehicle that the company is developing. The company is said improving the look with cool appearance and small refresh updates would be made along the line. This future ride would be coming with two door configuration, enhancing its sporty appearance. When it is paired up with powerful unit, a V8 turbocharged unit with 5.0 liter capacity that is able to generate 472 hp and 395 Nm of torque, the result is quite amazing.

The Updated Plan

The updates to 2024 Lexus RC F would likely focusing a lot to technologies and features. But to top it off, the vehicle would also be packed with tons of luxury features, making it a unique sporty-luxury vehicle that focuses on comfort. Some of the redesign elements include (Brembo) carbon ceramic brakes and exhaust design from titanium. To improve the overall look, the vehicle even gets bigger alloy wheels with its 19 inch of size.

2024 Lexus RC Coupe
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Exterior Design

The 2024 RC F would likely be coming as a carryover model, which means that the exterior design would remain the same as before. It means that you can expect sharp lines, big grille, and bi (LED) headlights to boost the sporty effect. Illuminated door handles are parts of the development, looking great with the 19 inch wheels. On the back, the vehicle comes with quad exit exhaust providing sporty visual effect.

2024 Lexus RCF
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The Interior Cabin

When we are talking about some redesigned elements, it’s mostly focusing on the interior. Although the exterior will remain the same as the current model, the interior cabin will definitely experience changes. Expect new dash design, with better materials (faux leather) to improve comfort.

2024 Lexus RC
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If you go with Fuji Speedway Edition, the overall look would be more elegant instead of sporty. Not to mention that comfort elements would be added, such as dual zone climate control and power settings front seats. Expect more features as the standard, such as dual xone climate control, ten way (adjustable) driver seat, keyless entry, and more.

Powertrain and Performance

The details for the overall powertrain are still limited, but the Fuji Speedway Edition is running on V8 turbocharged unit with 5.0 liter capacity, churning 472 hp and 395 Nm of torque. It also comes as a rear wheel driving system, paired with auto 8 speed transmission with (manual replacement through paddle shifters).

Q and A

Q: Will the new RC F experience a price hike?

A: It’s most likely. Although the company hasn’t said anything about it, the improvements and redesign work would likely cause extra costs. Some predictions say that the starting price may be set at around $70,000 for the base trim while the Fuji Speedway Edition may cost around $106,000. The cost doesn’t include destination fees and taxes.

Q: When will the new RC F be available?

A: There hasn’t any information about it either, but considering that it is designed as a 2024 model, it’s likely coming in 2023. We should know more about 2024 Lexus RC F once the company has more information and they are ready to reveal the details.

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