2024 Land Rover Defender Going through the Final Development Stage

Although it’s not clear about the entire development of 2024 Land Rover Defender, the prototype of Defender SV (or is it SVX) has been spotted with camo going through testing stage. The prototype has been seen with some heavy camo all over, possibly undergoing some exterior changes as well. Rumor has it that the SV would be running with V8 twin turbo unit (inspired from Beemer) and it may be true altogether.

The Spied Prototype

The company has undergone several testing stages at Nürburgring, showing off some of its capabilities and ‘flaunting’ the new design. There were some rumors about the more powerful SV variant, and it’s possible that the prototype is the stuff. From the spyshot images, you should be able to see wider fender flares (which mean wider track), bigger brakes, and (Braid) lightweight wheels.

2024 Land Rover Defender Changes
Source : Gearjunkie.com

Powertrain and Performance

Rumor has it that the new Defender SV would be punchier because it would ‘borrow’ powertrain option from the Beemer. With V8 twin turbo unit of 4.4 liter capacity (which had been used in M8 Competition and M550i xDriver), the new Defender would definitely have a punchier and more responsive performance. With 467 kW (of power) and 750 Nm of torque, this is definitely offering tons of power and performance. Not to mention that it is also paired up with auto 8 speed ZF-sourced torque-converter transmission.

2024 Land Rover Defender Colors
Source : Gearjunkie.com

If the company manages to pull it off with the new powertrain, it’s possible that they are going to use it in other Land Rover ranges, including Range Rover Sports. Even within its ‘lowest’ tune setting, the V8 twin turbo unit is still able to deliver 390 kW and 750 Nm of torque, which isn’t bad at all.

Design and Style

It’s kind of difficult to see under the black and white camo, but if you take a closer look, there are several details that are worth checking. For instance, the rear and front areas seem to be unchanged quite a lot when compared to the P525 model. Some production sources claim that the vehicle gets more lightweight components and also bigger air intakes. From the prototype, we can see a five door bodystyle, but it’s possible that the upcoming 2024 Land Rover Defender SV would be offered in three door style.

2024 Land Rover Defender
Source : Motoringresearch.com

Q and A

Q: When would the new Defender be introduced to the public?

A: It’s most likely happening in 2023, after the middle of the year.

Q: What would be the main rivals of the Defender?

A: The Defender is set to compete against Mercy G63, Jeep Wrangler 39 Rubicon, and Ford Bronco Raptor. However, the Defender has some of its winning streak: more luxury and plushness.

Q: What would be the price tag for the new Defender SV?

A: It’s definitely not a cheap vehicle, because it may start from around $221,000. But when compared to Mercy G63 with its $315,000 tag price, the price for the Defender is still ‘cheap’. But then again, such a price tag makes it impossible for the wider target markets.

We still don’t know much about the new Defender because the company hasn’t provided a lot either. Hopefully, they would provide more info about their 2024 Land Rover Defender once it’s available.

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