2024 Land Rover Discovery Radical Transformation and Updates

There would be new and quite radical transformation for 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport, as a part of the company’s strategies. The Jaguar Land Rover is changing their tactics. With Thierry Bollore as their new CEO, they want to focus on boosting up profits instead of going after sales target of one million units within a year. That’s why they prefer making high quality and premium rides. And this is also the reason for Discovery Sport with new (EV) platform.

Various Platforms Offered

As a part of their strategy, the company wants to utilize different platforms for different models, especially depending on the size. Land Rover big SUVs (such as Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, and Range Rover Sport) would be coming with the new (and flexible) MLA platform. This Modular Longitudinal Architecture can be tweaked and adjusted to work for EV or gas units. The first platform that would launch soon is the Range Rover.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Configurations
Source : Suvdrive.com

The smaller models, however, such as Range Rover Evoque or Land Rover Discovery, would witch to a new platform, known as EMA or Electric Modular Architecture. This new platform would be responsible for half of Land Rover sales before 2030.

Design and Layout

If you expect drastic or bombastic change for the 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport, you won’t find such a thing. Many people predict that Evoque would likely be the new inspiration for Discovery’s designing cues. With cleaner front end, smoother lines, flush grille panel, slimmer LED headlights, and flush door handles, the vehicle should look amazing.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport
Source : Motorillustrated.com

EMA platform is designed to accommodate electric motors, whether it is one or two. What’s interesting is its flexibility. Discovery Sports and Evoque would be coming as pure BEVs, getting power from the big battery pack under the floor, but others may get smaller battery pack paired together with range extender gas unit. The unit isn’t for generating power, but it’s to keep the battery run and filled up. This range extender technology has been used by Beemer for their hybrid models (the i3 models) while Mazda is going to use it for their MX-30.

2024 Land Rover Discovery
Source : Autoevolution.com

For the interior cabin, you can expect more space. The EMA platform, after all, offers flat floor to accommodate more room. You can also expect the newest steering wheel style, digital instruments, and also bigger touchscreen.

Q and A

Q: Does the new Discovery have solid offroad performance?

A: Yes, it does. Not only the company is offering the offroad ability, but they would also equip it with electric motor and front wheel driving system, to make the vehicle run more smoothly. With Discovery Sport, the performance should be more improved than ever.

Q: What would be the price range for the Discovery?

A: The current (Discovery) Sport is set at around $37,800 while it is around £32,500 in the UK. But with EMA high tech content and the company’s new focus on profit, the price may grow quite significantly. Be ready to have the price set higher than the current one. We still need to wait for the company’s update about their 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport, so we may as well wait.

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