2024 Land Cruiser: Will It Be Back?

Will there be a 2024 Land Cruiser? There have been rumors about Toyota bringing back their big and burly SUV to the auto market, but with the current situation and the facts that no one really wants to buy it, will it still be a good idea or Toyota is only doing the useless thing? There are reasons why they stop making the Land Cruiser although many of its loyal fans are sad about the discontinuation. But then again, we still need to be real and see the whole point from real perspective; not from the heart.

About the Land Cruiser

In 2021, Toyota decided that they want to stop making the Land Cruiser and they won’t continue with the J300 model, but those want to have the J300 model can still get it within the Lexus form. Although this big SUV is considered user-friendly, no one is interested in buying one. For many buyers, the Land Cruiser was considered too ineffective and too bloated. And with a tag of almost reaching $90,000, it’s just too much. Despite the offered features and many benefits, no one really wants to spend that much of money for something that is considered too bloated and too chunky.

2024 Land Cruiser Price
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However, Toyota didn’t say that they would abandon the nameplate. They still want to explore more with it, especially focusing on its offroad capabilities. They said that they won’t continue making their (current) Land Cruiser and yet they also stated that they wanted to explore more and they advised their fans to stay tuned for their further developments.

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The Possible Updated Plan

The head of the company’s North American sales, Jack Hollis, stated that there is a high possibility that the nameplate of Land Cruiser would be back ‘at some point’, although the company hasn’t stated anything to announce their further plan.

2024 Land Cruiser Prado
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Well, rumor has it that ‘at some point’ would likely referring to the 2024 model. Although the nameplate would be back, it wouldn’t be for the J300 model. In fact, the new Cruiser is said to be inspired from Land Cruiser Prado, but cheaper and smaller. In US market, this model is known as Lexus GX. But then again, there is no official confirmation about it, so we can only guess and assume.

Powertrain and Performance

If it’s true that the 2024 Land Cruiser would be similar to Lexus GX, then it would be running on Hybrid Max inline four unit with 2.4 liter capacity, which has been used in the new (Toyota) Crown and also other vehicles. This arrangement is able to deliver 340 hp (350 hp max) and also 400 Nm of torque. Instead of using the V8 unit with 5.7 liter capacity (which was used by Land Cruiser 2021) that can generate 381 hp and401 Nm of torque, Toyota seems to be leaning toward the inline four unit.

2024 Land Cruiser
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Price and Release Date

This upcoming Land Cruiser won’t be designed as the flagship model. In the lineup, it would be placed above 4Runner and right under Sequoia. The price tag is still unknown, but the GX is set at around $50,000. This is considered the logical price range considering the features and performances.

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If Toyota is able to create a better and more solid offroad version of Land Cruiser (at least better than the GX), then Lexus GX can be designed to be somewhat Lexus-like and it can be made for exclusive and luxurious.

It’s unknown when the Land Cruiser would debut. It’s not even clear that it would be making a comeback as the 2024 model. But if it does make a comeback as the 2024 Land Cruiser, we should hear more from Toyota.

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