2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Confirmed for Australian Market

The new 2024 Kia Sportage will likely come with a new construction, thanks to the new platform. There is even a possibility of new hybrid powertrain since the company is also preparing for the future. However, it’s been confirmed that the hybrid would be coming to Australia and it’s set to arrive next year.

The Sportage Hybrid

According to many sources, the new 2024 Kia Sportage hybrid would be coming to the Australian showrooms. Plans have been made, with its first deliveries set on the beginning of next year, which means that it would be coming at the early 2024.

2024 Kia Sportage Release Date
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Kia Sportage has been set to compete against the popular RAV4 hybrid from Toyota. Before, the company hasn’t said anything about their hybrid variant, but considering that Toyota has been quite massive concerning their hybrid variants, they finally confirmed about their refreshed plan. If everything goes as planned, production should start in late 2023, taking place in South Korea.

The Updated Plan

Kia Sportage hybrid family has been monitored by Kia Australia ever since the current gen was debuted more than a year ago. However, the hybrid variant has been quite slow coming to Australian market, mostly because the lack of resources and somewhat matching version for the local showrooms.

2024 Kia Sportage
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The Sportage hybrid has already been offered in the UK, and it’s designed as the right hand-drive model. However, the model is different from the one that would be coming to Australian market. The UK Sportage hybrid has short body model. It was manufactured in Slovakia and marketed in Europe. The one set for Australian market is the long body type, manufactured in South Korea.

Price and Release Date

Naturally, there would be the ‘regular’ Kia Sportage aside the hybrid version. Manufacturing process is taking place in South Korea for both the regular and hybrid versions. However, the plant hasn’t been able to make the right hand-drive version up until now. Although price range hasn’t been announced or confirmed, many have predicted that it would be coming with the same premium standard (up to $4000 worth) to Kia Sorento hybrid version.

The current Sportage has the price range of $33,000, added with onroad costs for the S petrol manual (the entry level type). It has around $40,200 price for the similar S grade coming with auto transmission, all wheel driving system, and diesel unit. The price would go up to $53,000 with extra onroad costs for the all wheel and diesel unit flagship model GT Line.

The Preparation and Future Plans

A representative from Kia Australia has confirmed that they have prepared the local distributors. They are now expecting the increasing numbers of Sportage hybrid. So far, they have dealt with Sorento hybrid models, which are only coming in 20 units on a monthly basis in Australia. It seems that the distributors would be more prepared for the upcoming Sportage.

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid
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Moreover, the company seems to have a more ‘ambitious’ plan as they want to offer hybrid powertrain for more than just one trim level (of the Sportage), such as the cheaper SX+, SX, or S lines along with the GT-Line (which is considered the top of the line).

Powertrain and Performance

The Sportage hybrid would be running on four cylinder turbocharged petrol unit with 1.6 liter capacity that is paired up with 1.2 kWh battery and 44kW (and 264 Nm) electric motor that is able to produce 169 kW combined power. In the global markets, the Sportage is coming with either all wheel driving system or the front wheel. It’s not known what kind of driving system would be offered for Australian market. We should know more about 2024 Kia Sportage when the information is available.

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