2024 Honda Insight: Last Model before the Hybrid and Electric Version

According to some sources, the 2024 Honda Insight would be the last one of the model. The company is getting ready launching new gen of electric and hybrid models, so they would cut off some models that are no longer viewed promising or profitable. They won’t continue producing the Insight anymore, focusing their attentions more to other lines. The Insight has been removed from the official website in Canada, as dealers try to sell any remaining units.

The Updated Plan

The not-so-promising sales numbers are responsible for the vehicle not returning to the platform. In Canada alone, the total units are so poor that the company decides that they are going to direct their efforts and energy to other models, especially the electrified variants. One of the main reasons why Honda isn’t so adamant about keeping the Insight is because of the hefty manufacturing price. The sedan is manufactured in Japan, and the overall cost to bring it to Canada and America is just too much. When compared to Civic, which is manufactured locally (in America), Civic is viewed more promising.

2024 Honda Insight Redesign
Source : Japanbullet.com

So, what’s Honda next move? They are surely focusing on Accord hybrid. After all, with the increasing demands for Elantra hybrid and Corolla hybrid, it’s only logical to focus on more hybrid variants. Civic hybrid is definitely on their next list, along with the next generation CR-V. And let’s not forget that Honda will launch their pure electric model of Prologue SUV, which would get some help from General Motors for the construction and next development.

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Design and Style

Because there is no rendering image or any spyshots of the vehicle, we don’t really know what the Insight would look like. But many auto experts predict that the sedan will likely look the same with only minor updates to make it attractive. The same also applies for the cabin.

2024 Honda Insight Specs
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Powertrain and Performance

Insight is the sedan that already gets hybrid powertrain, but it would still be axed because of the low sales numbers. The new 2024 Honda Insight will likely run on the same powertrain that Civic hybrid is using. It means that it is on inline four unit with 1.5 liter capacity that delivers 151 hp. It also comes with auto CVT transmission and front wheel driving system. Thanks to the hybrid unit, the outcome is effective fuel economy. The current EPA of the Insight is 55 mpg for the city and 49 mpg for the highway, which isn’t bad at all.

2024 Honda Insight Touring
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Q and A

Q: What would be the price range of the Insight?

A: The price may hike slightly from the previous models. The current starting price is set at around $25,900 while the upcoming model is said to start from $30,000.

Q: What would be the main rival of Honda Insight?

A: Clearly, it would be Toyota Corolla with similar price range, fuel economy, and also size.

Q: When is the next Insight available for sales?

A: It should be in 2023, around summer time. But since details are still scarce, we should wait for more confirmation about 2024 Honda Insight.

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