2024 Duramax Silverado HD Improvements

When people are talking about 2024 Duramax, they are actually referring to Chevy Silverado HD for the 2024 model. According to manufacturing plan, this vehicle would get stronger and more reliable Duramax along with plenty new technology. So, what can we expect from the new Silverado, anyway?

The Updated Plan

Chevy has finally unveiled their improved and revised Silverado HD 2024, which is planned to start production in Oshawa. Sales period is scheduled to take place within the first half of this year; 2023. With the many changes and transformations happening to this truck, it’s expected to improve its performance, quality ride, and overall outcome. It turns out that many of the inspiration came from the light duty truck, Silverado 1500.

2024 Duramax
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The company aims to help drivers, especially those having to deal with tough cargo or heavy loads tow on regular basis. With a more robust diesel unit and new technologies, those drivers are expected to have easier life and more enjoyable driving time.

Powertrain and Performance

There are reasons why the changes to the Silverado HD are referred to as the 2024 Duramax. It’s because the main focus is about the powertrain management. There are several powertrain options offered for the new 2024 Silverado HD. The V8 gas unit with 6.6 liter capacity will stay the same, but the company adds up a more powerful unit with V8 turbo diesel Duramax unit with 6.6 liter capacity. The latter is able to produce 470 hp and 975 Nm of torque, in which the low end torque generating has been increased tot 25% for improved abilities at climbing grades or low speeds. And it focuses mostly on trailering. Maximum towing ability is said to reach 22,500 pounds. It’s safe to say that the enhanced Duramax would be the center of attention for this ride.

2024 Duramax Release Date
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Moreover, the auto 10 speed Allison transmission is now becoming a standard for both of the powertrains. This transmission is able to do wonder with grade braking optimization (especially with gas unit). The 10 speed transmission and also gas unit seems to increase the (Gross) Combined Weight Rating that reaches 26,000 pounds (previously it was 24,000 pounds). And to add up the safety aspect, Chevrolet has added sensors to notify drivers if the weight of both the trailer and the vehicle exceed the safety standard.

A New Design and Look

Changes aren’t only happening to the powertrain and under-the-hood units, but also for the appearance. The new Silverado would be coming with new grille and revised front end, complete with C-shaped headlights being placed closer to the corner areas. It would create a wider appearance. Aside from the tow hooks (which become the standard feature), there would be 6 new colors offered along with new tire and wheel options.

The Cabin Comfort

Changes would likely happen on the inside. The updates depend on the trim level. The LT models (and above) would get new touchscreen display with 13.4 inch besides the 12.3 inch of digital (instrument) cluster. The command center would be made ‘smarter’ and it would include many new features, such as wireless phone charger, enhanced hidden storage, and also audio controls.

2025 Chevy Silverado Exterior
Chevy Silverado

Price and Release Date

The information about the price hasn’t been revealed just yet. Some sources stated that the price would be officially announced pretty close to the launch time. Just so you know, the current 2023 models start from $60,000. It means that you can imagine the price hike with all the updates and changes happening to the truck. Release date is predicted to take place next year, but we still need to wait for further official confirmation about 2024 Duramax.

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