2024 Acura NSX: The Possibility of the Future Production

Is it possible that there would be 2024 Acura NSX? This is quite surprising because the company said that they are done with the NSX. They launched the so-called farewell trim, the Type S, in 2021 by producing only 300 units for North American market. The vehicle was sold out within 24 hours, showing off the popularity of the super ride. That’s why it’s quite surprising if the company wants to revive the nameplate again – although fans are definitely excited.

The Updated Plan

It means that the third gen of NSX is going underway although the company refuses to officially confirm it. Some sources only state that there is always a possibility that the NSX would be coming back, but with all electric power. The idea to bring back the vehicle is surprising, considering that they just bid farewell with the Type S variant. However, the company sees a promising possibility for the third gen because this would be the perfect time. It’s never been better to switch from internal combustion to the battery powertrain.

2024 Acura NSX
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Honda has prepared their budgets up to $40 billion for their electrification scheme before 2040. They have worked together with GM to develop their EVs, with the first agreement in launching Acura ZDX and Honda Prologue. It’s not clear about the future of electric NSX although it’s set to launch in 2026. However, some sources claim that the company wants to speed things up; making it early, if possible.

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What about the Type S?

What would happen to the Type S? If there would be a new variant of 2024 Acura NSX (even with electric power), what would happen to the Type S? For a starter, you can expect the all electric NSX to come with Honda’s dedicated e:Architecture which would set the platform for the new NSX electric. It’s possible that the company is heavily relying on the iconic nameplate, especially if they are thinking about future production.

2024 Acura NSX Type S
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The company is a bit preoccupied right now because Honda is getting ready with their 2024 Prologue while the Acura is busy with their ZDX, plus the Type S. Both EVs would be constructed on Ultium platform from General Motors.

2024 Acura NSX Price
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In the meantime, those who are rooting for the gas engine (and for now, refuses the electric powertrain) can always go with Civic Type R or they should even wait for Integra Type S which was spotted the previous week undergoing a testing stage. The company is aware of the electric future, but they want to hang on a little bit on the combustion gas a bit longer. Let’s not forget that Honda pledges to completely remove the ICE by 2040.

Q and A

Q: When will the EV NSX be ready?

A: There are still conflicting agenda about it. According to the company’s schedule, it would be ready in 2026, but some sources say that the company wants to speed things up.

Q: When would we get the information about the price and launch date?

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A: Hopefully, soon. It’s likely that the further updates would be available before the official launch date of 2024 Acura NSX

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