What Are the Best Tires for Ford F150 2023 to Pick?

With the lists of the Best Tires for Ford F150 2023, car owners are expected to have easier ways to choose the most ideal one for their trucks. Even with many other Japanese and American competitors, the Ford F-150 remains one of the most popular and also likable pickup truck in the market. You have to admit that, the F-150 is one of the most advanced trucks with various body types, different powertrain, and myriads of trims. It’s only logical that such a powerful truck is also equipped with also the same powerful accessories, and that includes the tires. The question is now: Which tire should you go for?

Hankook DynaPro At-M

Hankook DynaPro At-M
Hankook DynaPro At-M

It’s designed as one of the best all terrain model, which earns its title as one of the best tires for Ford F150. If you are into offroad activities, this would be your new best friend. This is also the best option when you want to enjoy comfy driving experience while on the highways.

  • The tire comes with thick sidewall, but they even enforce it with thicker walls to provide the best offroad experience.
  • It comes with scallop grooves that would deliver better grip and performance in all kinds of road conditions, including wet, slush, mud, and dry conditions. It can also provide solid (and reliable) road grip consistently.
  • With the combination of strengthened gauge and jointless bead wire inserts, the tire doesn’t have any issue dealing with the most extreme offroad conditions
  • The aquaplaning resistance quality is also pretty superb and promising
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However, when it comes to driving comfort, there are still other brands and models that can offer more premium and better experience. It’s safe to say that the (driving) comfort is pretty so-so.

Goodyear TrailRunner Wrangler AT

Goodyear TrailRunner Wrangler AT
Goodyear TrailRunner Wrangler AT

This is another option for the Best Tires for Ford F150 2023, especially for light offroad actions. As an all-season tire, the tread compounds are only offering the best, especially for all kinds of road conditions.

The tire is able to deliver the necessary ruggedness for light offroad activities without compromising comfort within the cabin

  • It is the perfect option for light offroad activities
  • Thanks to the (computer optimized) tread pattern and also the premium tread compound, it’s able to absorb road noise and assist with even wear
  • Its performance for light snow grip is impressive and remarkable. Not only the wet traction is superb, you can certainly drive around without the constant worry that you may slip
  • The hydroplaning resistance is great because the tire has impressive lateral grooves for effective water absorption
  • The treadwear warranty is pretty generous for an all terrain tire, covering 55,000 miles

Despite all the great features and the positive features, this tire isn’t the perfect option for muddy setting. This tire would fail in deep mud.

Vredestein Pinza AT

Vredestein Pinza AT
Vredestein Pinza AT

If you are looking for another option of best all terrain, this one should be included in your wishlist. Not only it’s good for offroad activities, but you can expect the best without actually digging deeper into your pocket.

  • It offers impressive durability and traction on dry and hard-packed surfaces, like gravel and dirt
  • For an all terrain type, it’s able to deliver very smooth experience
  • It’s a quiet noise, even when you are driving in high speed on highways
  • It has superb cornering grip and impeccable traction on dry roads, but it still excels quite well under the pouring rain
  • The treadwear warranty is generous. For the LT-metric sizes, it covers 50,000 miles and for the P-metric sizes, it offers 70,000 miles.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect tire because there are several flaws to expect.

  • It’s not cut it for extreme offroad performance. Light offroad is still okay, but once it gets on muddy surfaces, it wouldn’t be satisfying anymore
  • It does offer good light snow traction, but it feels weak and so-so when compared to other brands and other models

Continental TerrainContact H/T

Continental TerrainContact H/T
Continental TerrainContact H/T

This is a new category in the ‘tire industry’ but it doesn’t mean that the model would compromise everything. In fact, you can only expect great outcome, such great performance for rainy conditions, predictable behavior (at the limit), impressive lateral grip, and amazing braking ability. No surprise if this one is included in the best tires for Ford F150 list.

  • It offers great braking quality and performance even on wet surface due to the outstanding lateral grip
  • Its performance on dry roads is also impressive, with solid traction and trusted grip
  • The tire is able to combine smooth ride, stiff design, and quiet operation to deliver impeccable comfort levels.
  • The treadwear warranty is reaching 70,000 miles, which is quite generous.
  • It’s a noiseless tire. You can drive comfortably without being bothered by the road noise
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However, some of the flaws are:

  • It can be costly
  • This won’t be an ideal pick for offroad actions

Cooper Endeavor Plus

Cooper Endeavor Plus
Cooper Endeavor Plus

Designed as a budget-friendly tire, this all season touring tire is confident enough to compete against other high end brands and premium alternatives. It does come with all the bells and whistles without sacrificing performance and quality.

  • The rain traction is impressive. When compared to other tires with (almost) the same price tag, this one has better performance
  • It also has great dry traction that feels balanced with its rain traction.
  • The hydroplaning resistance is flawless
  • The tire is able to deliver comfortable driving quality even on broken and bumpy roads
  • The treadwear warranty is impressive, offering 65,000 miles

The only downside is the noticeable (and quite obvious) tread growl during lower speeds. It would go away on highways, but still, you can still notice it when you are on the low speed.


These are some of the best options for the F-150. The truck is known for its punchy performance so you want to make sure that the tires can support such a performance. After all, the tires should be able to protect you. Hopefully, these examples of the best tires for Ford F150 can help you pick out the best one for your own driving comfort.

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