The Preparation for 2024 Audi A4 Production

Audi is busy preparing their upcoming 2024 Audi A4 lineups, coming in various forms of Avant, Allroad, RS4, and sedan. The A4, especially, has been spotted going through the testing stages where the prototypes are seen in various spy shots. Some loyal fans even create a rendering image of the possibly A4 Avant, providing us with clearer ideas of what the vehicle should look like.

Exterior Design and Layout

The company is popular for their evolutionary approach as they aren’t afraid in making bold and significant designs, especially on the exterior areas. You can rest assured that the A4 will stay ‘loyal’ to its basic design. you should be able to recognize it immediately, but Audi isn’t afraid of elevating their game, making it somewhat sportier and sexier.

2024 Audi A4 Redesign
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The current A4 was getting a redesign project in 2019. Based on the rendering image, the new generation would be coming with wider and also shorter (singleframe) grille. The bumper would be more sculpted with taller intakes. The headlights would likely be more aggressive with LED graphics – the latter was taking inspiration from e-tron GT. Expect cleaner surface with more pronounced rear shoulders. You may be reminded of the RS 6 Avant. There would also be new bonnet line and a bit sportier windowline.

Powertrain and Performance

The upcoming 2024 Audi A4 would be coming on MLB architecture because it is said as the last ICE powered version by Audi. The base engine option may include the (mild hybrid) petrol TFSI engine of 2.0 liter capacity with a better plug in hybrid system, designed to increase the EV range. Many sources claim that the company will still be providing the Quattro option as the standard, especially for the Allroad, which is the crossover type.

2024 Audi A4
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The S4 version has been seen going through a testing stage with TFSI V6 unit which will be likely paired with electric power, focusing on the further production. The RS4 has been known as the performance flagship vehicle, coming with plug in hybrid power, which is almost the same as the Mercy AMG C 63. The M3 Touring from Beemer even runs on pure electric. If you want the BEV, Audi has full electric (A4) e-tron, but it would be coming in a different model because it would share the PPE architecture with the A6 e-tron, which is basically bigger.

Price and Release Date

The upcoming A4 should be ready before 2023 ends. There has been prediction that it may debut sometime in 2022; close to the end of it. The main competitors would be the new gen Mercy C-Class as well as the freshly redesigned BMW 3 Series. Both of them are coming with wagon body, which is considered more practical. Some people, after all, don’t really like the bulky SUVs so they turn to the wagon.

2024 Audi A4 Release Date
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Q and A

Q: Will the A4 look good and improving when it is coming out?

A: Considering how limited the information is, we can’t really tell. But Audi has tried their best, especially since they are dealing with worthy rivals like Beemer and Mercy. They won’t take this project for granted.

Q: Will the new A4 look different?

A: If you mean that it would be completely different, it’s not. But you can rest assured that it will have refreshed touchups so the overall style would be interesting and visually pleasing.

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Q: What are the main competitors of this A4?

A: The A4 is considered an exclusive and luxury ride, so it’s only logical if the rivals include BMW M3 Touring and Mercedes AMG C 63. We should wait for further release about the 2024 Audi A4.

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