The Expected Upgrades for 2024 Cadillac XT5

Cadillac believes that their XT5 needs upgrades and improvements, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen with the new 2024 Cadillac XT5. There have been rumors about the next generation XT5 being prepared circling around, and many have also predicted that the rumored vehicle would soon be available.

About XT5

This compact and luxury crossover was first introduced in 2017, replacing the (supposedly) second gen of Caddy SRX. Its debut was the first one for Caddy’s model, and since then has been adjusted to accommodate XT 4 and also XT6. This is also the same platform used by several Chevrolet and Buick models.

2024 Cadillac XT5 Redesign
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Things to like about the XT5 are the top quality materials inside the cabin, noiseless interior, and also generous space. Although the infotainment system (CUE powered type) isn’t remarkable, it is quite good and it has been upgraded several times.

Expected Changes

The vehicle has got a mid gen refresh work in 2020. It includes the addition of four cylinder turbocharged unit with 2.0 liter capacity, set as the entry level powertrain. This powertrain is still used until now.

2024 Cadillac XT5
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Although interior cabin doesn’t get too much change, it’s still as good and as plush. There would be heated and ventilated seats provided as the optional pick. Expect better features and more improved technologies with the refresh project. Safe driving assist techs and also standard features (although no confirmation has been released) should also been expected.

New Architecture and Platform

The upcoming 2024 Cadillac XT5 would be constructed on the same platform worn today’s current model. The current 5 passenger SUV is constructed on C1 platform, while the next gen would be using the C1-2 platform. Cadillac said that the new platform is ideal because it isn’t too much different from the current model, but still be able to retain the same concept.

2024 Cadillac XT5 Release Date
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The new XT5 may not too much different from the current one, but upgrades should be expected, including the cabin. Moreover, there is a possibility that it would move to Global B architecture (the one used by Caddy CT4). This architecture supports self-driving techs and also SuperCruise system. The current model can’t accommodate SuperCruise because not only it still uses the C1 platform but it also utilizes Global A architecture.

The new XT5 is likely manufactured at Spring Hill manufacturing plant in Tennessee. However, there has been a rumor that it’s possible that manufacturing process would be moved to China so the American plant has enough room to produce Lyriq EV.

Q and A

Q: What is the XT5 about?

A: It is a midsize luxury crossover (the all new type) that comes as the second gen of the nameplate

Q: Why did Cadillac create the XT5?

A: They want to strengthen their position within the midsize (luxury) crossover category, which is basically the biggest segment for the luxurious crossover.

Q: When would the XT5 be available next?

A: It’s most likely launched in 2023 although the exact date hasn’t been revealed. Let’s wait for Caddy to finally release the information about 2024 Cadillac XT5, shall we?

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