How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Odyssey Based on Different Year Models

You probably want to start learning about how to reset oil life on Honda Odyssey, for your own sake. Sometimes, the indicator would act up, causing confusion and difficulty for car owners to perform the proper care and maintenance for their vehicle. All vehicles have the so-called oil life indicator, which would tell you when you need to change the oil. After all, it’s a part of proper car routine and maintenance that shouldn’t be ignored, underestimated, or neglected.

The Warning System

In general, Honda Odyssey would be equipped with its own warning system with in-dash manner. The main function is to ‘warn’ you when you need to change the engine oil, because it has reached its usable life’s end. If you take the vehicle to a garage or a service center to perform oil change, they would usually reset the indicator. However, if you perform the oil change on your own (at home), you need to know how to reset the indicator light. It would maintain the accuracy and proper function of the alert system. Don’t ignore this condition because it can make a huge difference between a functioning car and a not working one.

How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Odyssey
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How to Perform the Reset

Knowing how to reset oil life on Honda Odyssey on your own can be handy because you won’t have to spend money to hire any professional service. If you follow the given directions carefully (and thoroughly), you should have no issue managing this reset action.

  • Turn the car on, but stop at one position below starting your engine. Don’t start your engine.
  • Find the ‘Reset/Select’ button or knob and then push it. Keep pushing it until you see the option ‘Remaining Oil Life’ being displayed
  • Press the ‘Reset/Select’ button again and hold it until you see the (oil life) light blinks. In general, this would take you around 10 seconds of holding off the button
  • Release it quick and then press the knob again and hold it off again for another 5 seconds. This action should reset the oil life light automatically
  • To test it out, you can turn the car off. Then, try turning it on again to check whether the reset has worked or not.
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Different Models, Different Ways

Do you know that the detailed steps on how to reset oil life on Honda Odyssey may be different from one year model to another?

How To Reset The Oil Life On A Honda Odyssey
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The Model from 2018 to 2021

You still need to know how to reset oil life on Honda Odyssey even if your car model is the one between 2018 and 2021. The first option is to use the Instrument Panel.

  •  You want to have ‘On’ for the power mode
  •  Find the ‘Enter’ button that is placed on the steering wheel. Press it until you see Home Screen being displayed.
  •  By using the down and up arrows, you should find ‘Maintenance’ and then go with ‘Enter’ to confirm the action.
  •  Still using the arrows, go with ‘Oil Life’ and then choose ‘Enter’.
  • There is the oil life item. Press ‘Enter’ and hold it off for around 10 seconds
  •  By using the arrows, find ‘All Due Items’. If you can’t find one, you may choose the one corresponding to your oil life
  •  Press ‘Enter’ and hold until you see a displayed message confirming that the reset has completed.

Another way to perform the reset is by using the touchscreen.

  • Choose ‘Settings’ and then go with ‘Vehicle’
  • Choose ‘Maintenance Information’ and then pick ‘Oil and Filter’
  •  Go with the option ‘Reset’, and then you need to click ‘Reset’ again for confirmation
  • You should now see that your oil life has been reset. It would be 100% again

The Model from 2005 to 2017

Knowing how to reset oil life on Honda Odyssey for these model years would be different from the previous steps. These model years usually show a wrench indicator when the system detects a needed oil change. You want to clear the wrench icon by doing these:

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How To Reset Oil Life On A Honda Odyssey
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  •  Find the ‘Reset/SEL’ button. On some certain models, it would be located on the steering wheel. On others, it would be a stem button located on the display; close to the fuel gage.
  •  Turn the ignition only to on. Don’t start off the engine
  • Toggle the ‘Reset/SEL’ button so it would display Oil Life %. If your car is running normal, it should already been displayed there
  • While it is being displayed, press the ‘Reset/SEL’ stem and hold it for 10 seconds. If you see the screen blinks, you need to release it
  • Press the stem again and hold it for the next 5 second. When you no longer see the code (it disappears), you can release it.
  • Your oil life is now 100% back after the reset

The Model from 1995 to 2004

This model year generally has a ‘Maint Reqd’ indicator which would light up to inform the driver that they need to change the oil. You want to clear the indicator up by doing these:

  • Turn your ignition to Off
  • Find ‘Reset/Select’ button (usually located on the instrument panel) and hold it off
  • While still pressing down the button, turn your ignition to On without starting the engine
  • You still need to hold the button for the next 10 seconds until the indicator has reset

In the overall manner, having a regular check up, especially by the professional, can help you save a lot of money, efforts, and time. Most car owners believe that they don’t need any oil change only to find out that their car is broken because of their carelessness. You may not see the issue visible, but there is always a chance that your sensor is somewhat damaged or there is oil leaking issue. If you do go to the professional service, it doesn’t hurt to have a thorough check up, including your oil life indicator.

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Final Words

If you see these methods, there are several similar ways and there are several parts that are quite different. Once you know how to reset oil life on Honda Odyssey for different models, you can try it yourself at home.

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