How 2024 Mini Cooper Future Design Will Be

2024 Mini Cooper will see the world soon as the spied prototype has been viewed on testing in Southern Europe. This new edition of Mini Cooper is noted to come with a three-door body without ignoring the traditional ICE-powered hatch.

2024 Mini Cooper will be manufactured based on a new-EV-dedicated architecture, making it stay relevant with the current model next years to come. The spy photo hunters bring a very important information about the car. To overview, Mini Cooper 2024 gets the new updates on its new set of alloy wheels and the traditional yellow cover to hide the vehicle’s body sporty body kit.

Now if you are wondering the estimated details of the model, let’s simply have a look at our brief review below that include the future design, interior updates, engine and other related information.

Future Design

The 2024 Mini Cooper future design will be somehow similar to that of the current model. However changes are absolutely made to make them different. Those are the front end and the updated grilles that adopt a more angular shape, the large bumper as well as the round headlights that have more modern LED graphics.

The entire body work of this future vehicle isn’t unveiled yet. Thus, we can only imagine that the face-lifted Hatch will be added with some carry-over body panels.

2024 Mini Cooper Clubman
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As we said, most part of 2024 Mini Cooper will have the identical design with that of the current model. In this case, the vehicle’s back part resembles the current version a bit. Another difference you may notice between the 2024 version and the previous one is the fancy roof spoiler along with the large diffuser that dominates the layout design.

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According to the spotted prototype, this future vehicle will be more aggressive in its performance.


An overhauled interior is also beneficial as the dashboard will integrate a new appearance through the addition of larger round touchscreen for infotainment feature. Other interior additions include the head-up display, a fewer physical buttons on the center console and a new gearbox lever.

2024 Mini Cooper
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It is expected that the same physical appearance will stay same for some years to come.


Some engineers will finally update the Mini Cooper 2024’s engine through the chassis setup improvements. This improved engine will make the car the sportiest in its class. Note, the engine range will still be the same with that of the current model. This means that the car will use the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produce 228 horsepower of torque. This would fit both the six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic gearbox in order to support the power to the front axle.

2024 Mini Cooper Countryman
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Release Date

There isn’t any detail yet about when the car will be launched in the market and available for sale. However, it is expected that the vehicle will start its debit in 2023 along with the hot JCW version. To underline, this will be the third revamp for F55 or F56 generation which had been introduced in 2013. Later, the 2013 version revised its facelift in 2018 and finally the version got its major facelift in 2021.

The price information isn’t available yet so we can only expect that the model will have the same price with the current model.

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All in all, 2024 Mini Cooper will have mostly the similar design and appearance with the current model though some changes are also added to make difference. To ensure you get the details, keep staying tune on the company’s official website. However, the exact details will not usually be provided unless it is close to the release date.

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