Future 2024 Toyota Prius with Punchier Electrification Power

The 2024 Toyota Prius would be the fifth generation of Prius that is designed and offered with more modern electrification technology. The RAV4 may have beat Prius when it comes to popularity and the most selling vehicle in America. However, Prius is still considered a top rated ride with promising performance and solid technology. So, what does Toyota have for developing their upcoming Prius?

Sportier Design

Prius has always been known for its elegance and remarkable design. Aside from the good looking aesthetic, the design is also responsible for the aerodynamic part of the vehicle. According to reports in Japan, the new generation Prius would be designed as a sporty coupe rather than the regular family sedan. So, expect redesigned touchups happening on the exterior as well as the interior of the vehicle.

2024 Toyota Prius
Source : Japanbullet.com

The front apron would come with a more aggressive design. Based on rendering images, the headlamps would be horizontal with C-shape turn indicators and DRLs. The lower grille as well as radiator grille would be sporty and sizable. Basically, it won’t be the same Prius that you have been familiar with.

Platform and Construction

The current Prius (the fourth gen version) is constructed on GA-C version of the TNGA. The 2024 Toyota Prius would be likely constructed on the improved (and higher) version of TNGA having better structural rigidity. After all, the fifth gen Prius should come with solid plug in hybrid as well as hybrid versions, targeting European, Japan, and American markets.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime
Source : Motorillustrated.com

Powertrain and Performance

When compared to the current generation, the upcoming Prius is claimed to be better and more efficient. It is still running on a unit with 1.8 liter capacity, but with further tweaks and boost to elevate the performance. According to some sources, the company has a plan to integrate the already existing li-ion (battery) pack for the new Prius, but there haven’t been further details or explanation about it. They seem to be in the production and planning stage, so we should wait.

2024 Toyota Prius Colors
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Q and A

Q: Isn’t Prius already coming with hybrid powertrain? What’s so special about the so-called new hybrid power?

A: Toyota will stop producing their fourth generation Prius with plug in hybrid version on October the 3st 2022, and they will also stop making the hybrid type on November 2022. Afterwards, they would reveal the new next generation Prius in December 2022. They would release it in January 2023 for Japan market, followed by the American launch in H2 of 2023.

Q: Does it mean that the new Prius would be coming with punchier hybrid power?

A: It’s likely so because there have been sources claiming so, and Toyota hasn’t said a word about it, which means that they are busy in the preparation stage.

Q: Has Toyota come up with the price?

A: Not yet. The company hasn’t provided the details for the production, so information about the price hasn’t been available. Once they have settled things up, they would be ready to provide more about 2024 Toyota Prius.

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