2025 Subaru Ascent and the Possible Updated Work in the Progress

What can you expect from 2025 Subaru Ascent? The midsize crossover has gained its own popularity, mostly because of its 3-row layout. With such an arrangement, the Ascent is capable to carry passengers while delivering smooth power and impressive performance. Some sources have hinted that the new Ascent may likely experience updates and changes, which means that the midsize vehicle is now able to accommodate 7 adult passengers – 8 people, max.

The Updated Plan

There have been some rumors flying about the auto maker is on the process of developing new design and style, and it would be constructed on Subaru Global Platform. This crossover would be developed together with the Outback and Legacy models. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t said anything about these rumors. Up until now, they haven’t made any official announcement, but a lot of people are hopeful that the turbo boxer unit (with 2.4 liter capacity) won’t be available again, and it should be replaced with the electric version.

2025 Subaru Ascent
2025 Subaru Ascent

Subaru wants to expand their lineup, especially the Wilderness lineup, through introducing the Ascent. Ascent has always been known for its unique style, but the new 2025 Subaru Ascent is expected to come with more modern and sleeker design. If it’s able to deliver more refined style and cleaner look, it would be awesome. Moreover, Subaru is said to dig further into its adventurous side, by combining Wilderness establishment and new Ascent design altogether.

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2025 Subaru Ascent Redesign
2025 Subaru Ascent Redesign

But again, keep in mind that everything is still a rumor. There hasn’t been any official confirmation about it. But if the rumors are proven to be true, you can expect better appearance where the new crossover would embrace a new (and more modern) look having a nice twist that will make it favorable and good looking.

The (Predicted) Good Looks

Whereas everyone talks about the possible exciting stuff happening to Ascent (and also Subaru, in general), some true auto fans have even gone further by providing the imaginary digital look of the Ascent. Keep in mind that this digital look of 2025 Subaru Ascent isn’t the official one, but it’s one of the art fans creation. You can check those pictures online as they are available for free.

These images are basically people’s expectation of what the future Ascent should look like. After all, the 2024 Ascent didn’t have anything new aside from the fact that it’s a carryover model from the 2023 model, but the price range is somewhat higher – which can be a put off for some people. If Subaru wants to make this mistake up, they need to do something for their next year’s production. It means that they need to vamp up their styles, powertrains, and performance.

2025 Subaru Ascent Changes
2025 Subaru Ascent Changes

If you take a look at the images, they somewhat look cleaner, especially when compared to Ascent’s design with facelifted appearance. The cleaner model has this modern vibe that somewhat looks better and more revised than the current one.

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Price and Trim Levels

Again, the auto maker hasn’t provided any official confirmation about their new Ascent. But we can get some basic ideas about what to expect from the new 2025 Ascent model. The 2024 model is offered in 4 different trims, from Base, followed by Premium, and then Limited, and the last one would be Touring.

For the 2024 model, the Base was sold at $36,000 while the Premium was set at $38,600. The Limited was set at around $44,000, and the Touring was the highest one with $50,500. Considering that the Ascent may likely get some updates, you should expect a pretty significant increase from these price tags.

However, if it turns out that the Ascent doesn’t get any updates, the price tags may likely be the same or only experience a slight increase. All we can do is to wait until the auto maker is ready to provide official announcement concerning their 2025 Subaru Ascent, for sure.

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