2025 Hyundai Santa Fe Changes, Price, Release Date

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Our topic today would be about 2025 Hyundai Santa Fe, which is quite interesting, considering that Santa Fe has been able to deliver impressive performance these years. Santa Fe is a nameplate that is always associated with a perfect combo of value, performance, and style. As you can expect, those combos won’t change much for the upcoming 2025 model. In fact, Hyundai is planning to amp the performance even higher, making it not only exclusive, but also premium.

In terms of new development, the new Santa Fe will focus more on features, size, and design evolution. Hyundai wants it so bad to differentiate the Santa Fe, from Tucson, its sibling so each of them has their own signature style. They even want to distance the vehicle to be completely different from other rivals, including Kia Sorento and Honda CR-V. The company may not say much about their development, but they promised that the new Santa Fe would have different traits and characters than the current SUV. This fact alone is quite surprising.

2025 Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior
2025 Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior

Let me refresh your memory with 2024 Santa Fe. When Hyundai decided that they are going to completely change the look of their Santa Fe, they really did it. The 2024 Santa Fe was made different from the previous models. They extend the wheelbase, so it’s bigger and longer and it even has a third row. The enlarged design is meant to attract adventurers and outdoorsy people. The added length is intentionally done so it can accommodate rooftop tents. Plus, the wide tailgate is also meant to enable bigger adventure stuff.

From the entire look and design, the 2024 Santa Fe is different and unique. With extended wheelbase but with decreased front overhang, the middle-size SUV looks different. And let’s not forget the 3-row layout that screams a lot about more space and room. Should be enough for cargo and people, really.

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And now, for the 2025 model Santa Fe, the design is even inspired by Hyundai Galloper. It was a model that was popular in 1991 to 2003, believed to have the ability to bring the old-school charm and punch. It was a design from the 90s, mind you, so expect to find a touch of retro design in the new Santa Fe. In fact, you can expect it to have a boxy and rugged outer appearance, kind of reminding you of the iconic Land Rover Discovery.

If you have to compare the current design of Santa Fe with the one planned for the future, you have to admit that the entire look is pretty bold. Hyundai wants to have such a blasting effect. They want to increase the interior space for the passenger while at the same time delivering stylish street presence through the design.

2025 Hyundai Santa Fe Interior
2025 Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

People don’t really mind if Hyundai is going to increase the size and proportion, really. Right now, Santa Fe is known as this midsize SUV, but it’s possible that it’s going to a new category by the time 2025 is launched. It’s likely that the new Santa Fe would be dubbed as a big SUV, even making itself farther away from the Tucson. It’s even possible that the bigger Santa Fe would be approaching the Palisade because of the dimension and size.

But that’s everyone wishful thinking, really. Doesn’t really mean that Hyundai should take the path. Although it’s obvious that I don’t mind if they are really doing it. I don’t mind anyone would mind if Hyundai is taking this approach. I’m just saying that everyone loves a ride that can deliver plush comfort and convenient. Bigger SUV can certainly do so, while it can accommodate passengers and also cargo at the same time. If Hyundai wants to do it with their Santa Fe, so be it.

Hyundai wants their new Santa Fee to look sporty and tough. Forget the classic and exclusive styling like a posh princess. It’s time for the road warrior instead! But then again, Hyundai has so much things going on within their plate. They are ambitious enough to have full preparation for the new launch. They want to deliver bombastic effect in all markets and all categories. That’s why they are preparing the production of Ioniq 5 N and refreshing the i30. They are also busy doing facelift project for Tucson along with manufacturing Santa Fe, which would be coming as the fifth gen model.

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Everything is still on going. Their i30 facelift and Tucson refreshment are still undergoing, but tucked neatly under wraps. Nothing has been revealed so far. They have only provided a glimpse of Ioniq 5 N, the battery powered EV with 641 hp that is claimed to be the next tough rival for Tesla Model Y. Basically, there is still many missing info about Hyundai and their activities. Nothing has been introduced or described clearly, leaving people guessing and predicting.

2025 Hyundai Santa Fe Engine
2025 Hyundai Santa Fe Engine

So far, Santa Fe’s most reliable types were the ones from 2017 to 2019. With the 2025 model, hopefully, it would be another reliable model that stands out even from the 2017 to 2019 models. But then again, let’s not forget that with sophisticated improvements and all the updates, the price always increases. In fact, for each model being manufactured, the price also hikes up. Just imagine this: With the 2021 model set from $27,000 to $42,500, just imagine how much you will have to pay for the 2025 model. If the price hikes too much, it’s possible that buyers won’t like it.

As I’ve stated before, Hyundai hasn’t said much about the updates they are doing to the Santa Fe. But considering that Hyundai Galloper becomes the muse of inspiration, you can expect a rugged and tough midsize SUV ready for some offroad adventures. If you are curious about the Galloper, check their models from 1991 to 2003. Of course, Hyundai may not repeat the design elements to look exactly like the old Galloper. But it’s possible that they use the same color schemes, proportions, and shapes.

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For the inside, expect a plush cabin. Even when compared to some of its strong rivals, such as Honda CR-V, the interior cabin would be more spacious and roomier. Aside from the generous space, the new Santa Fe would offer advanced safety techs, luxurious vibe for the interior, and also better electrification options, which covers plug in hybrid and also hybrid units. This is great, because it will boost the driving range while cutting off fuel costs at the same time.

As the price range has been predicted, you are now wondering about the launch date, right? Well, the debut is predicted to take place around middle of 2024. It means that the launch (especially in the US market) may take place in fall months of 2025. We should know more the details of the vehicle closer to the debut, but we still need to wait for it.

For whatever it’s worth, Hyundai is determined to transform Santa Fe into a more luxurious, more exclusive, more capable, and also far bolder model. It means that you can expect a promising evolution within the midsize segment.

So, with everything seems so promising and good, it means that we can expect the new Santa Fe to deliver impeccable performance, right? Think about it. With the proper combo of luxurious interior, rugged exterior style, increased size, and sophisticated powertrain options, Santa Fe is able to deliver ultimate experience. But money is probably the biggest issue. Not everyone likes the idea that they may have to pay higher for the upgrades. We just have to see what Hyundai can offer us.

That’s what we can share about the new updates for Santa Fe. It may not be much, but it should be exciting to wait for what Hyundai has to offer. With all the transformations happening to Santa Fe and with all the plans for their developments, I guess it’s worth the wait. So, that’s it for now, Tamautorumors lovers! We will update you more once we get the latest information. Until then, stay tuned, subscribe, and stay awesome!

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