2025 Ford Explorer Release Date, Price and Preview

You can expect new style and design for the new 2025 Ford Explorer. But the production itself is facing delays and challenges, but the company is moving forward. And they try their best to come up with the best solution to overcome the obstacles. With the newest development and the dramatic transformation, the new Explorer may have a completely different appearance from the one we are familiar with so far.

The Updated Plan – and the Challenges

The fully electric Explorer launch for North American market has been delayed; even pushed back to the mid decade. However, Explorer for the European market would likely be ready before the one for North American market. The model for the European market has been unveiled. This new and sophisticated battery powered crossover is the final result of VW and Ford’s partnership. Volkswagen provides (and supplies) the MEB platform. That’s why this model may be ready for sale in around 2023 (probably later date) with a starting price of €45,000 or around $49,000.

2025 Ford Explorer
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The design, styling elements, silhouette, and size would be completely different from the gas version Explorer, especially from the one we have known for years. The new 2025 Ford Explorer would be coming with shorter and lower stance. With 4.5 meters of length, the entire size is shorter than the Escape. The new model would be coming with cleaner surface and smoother lines.

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Moreover, the electric Explorer would be coming with clean front fascia with grille-less design, shaped within the typical EV’s mould. Moreover, it comes with C-Pillar design that is very unique and different. It would be paired up with 19 and also 21 inch of (alloy) wheels.

The Interior Cabin

If you take a look at the interior cabin, it will somehow look like the Mustang Mach E. you can find the portrait style (and big) touchscreen in the cabin’s middle along with the (wide) digital instrument cluster located on the front area of the steering wheel. The touchscreen display would be coming with 15 inch for its size, with (more) tilted design. It also comes with cool sliding ability; going up and down to show you the hidden storage compartment behind it. There is also a sound bar, complete with the ambient lighting, being mounted on the top area of the dashboard.

2025 Ford Explorer St
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The SUV would have two rows layout, not three. No need to worry about the space, because it’s still roomy and expansive. The cargo area would also be spacious, able to hold up 470 liters of cargo quite conveniently.

Powertrain and Performance

The car supports fast charging ability. With only 25 minutes of charging, it can reach up to 80% of the charging ability. Unfortunately, information about the powertrain and the overall power layout is still unknown. Many auto enthusiasts predict that the electric 2025 Ford Explorer may share similar powertrain as VW ID.4. It means that there is a possibility of using two different battery sizes, the 62 kWh and the 82 kWh. Customers can also choose between having a rear wheel driving system and all wheel driving system.

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2025 Ford Explorer Redesign
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The production will take place in Cologne, in Germany. Expect bigger model to be offered for the following year. For the North American production, it’s likely that the production stage begins by the end of 2024. Ford has this Oakville (in Ontario) factory that makes Ford Edge and also Lincoln Nautilus. These factories would be upgraded and retooled, so that it can build 5 electric Lincoln and Ford models from 2025 to 2028. This process alone may need $1.8 billion of fund, with Canadian government supporting it with their $295 million of assistance.

We still don’t know the details for both American and also European Explorer, so we would provide more info about the 2025 Ford Explorer once further details are available.

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