2024 Jeep Renegade: Will It be Replaced by the Jeepster EV?

The future of 2024 Jeep Renegade is still a mystery, considering that the company doesn’t really have a solid plan concerning it. Rumor has it that Jeep is going to ‘kill’ the Renegade as they have prepared the Jeepster as the replacement. After all, with electrification and future auto prospect, it’s difficult to see the Renegade stay in the line. For the 2024 model, it’s possible that Renegade won’t be available anymore, being replaced by the Jeepster EV for the company’s future electric ride.

The Updated Plan

For now, Jeep hasn’t said anything about their plan related to the Renegade although rumors have been flying around the net. It’s pretty unclear what the future of Renegade holds, while the Jeepster EV is definitely making it into production. According to plans, the Jeepster would be smaller than Renegade. This is confusing considering that passenger space is quite limited although the Renegade has a lot of cargo space. But the company said that Jeepster is also offered in international markets, and small rides are likable.

2024 Jeep Renegade
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Design and Construction

Just like the Renegade, the Jeepster would likely heavily inspired by Fiat 500. If the is going to be 2024 Jeep Renegade, the same design language would be utilized. It seems that Stellantis has this obsession of turning the (egg shaped) Fiat into a good looking Jeep style. But you have to admit that Renegade has impressive performance and outcome in US market, thanks to its boxy and traditional design.

2024 Jeep Renegade Redesign
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Powertrain and Performance

The new Jeepster would be constructed on CMP platform, together with other options from the family of Citron and Peugeot. If there is electric Jeepster, it would be using eCMP platform, with internal combustion unit of 1.2 liter capacity. The electric variant should follow soon, most likely before 2022 ends. And then, expect the hybrid version to be available, although the date is still unknown.

2024 Jeep Renegade Colors
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According to some sources, the Jeepster EV would be running on a 50 kWh battery and also (electric) motor that can generate 134 hp, enabling it to cover 13 miles of distance on pure electric juice. If it’s true, then the Jeepster EV is using the similar setup as Peugeot e208. The CMP platform originally doesn’t support all wheel driving system, but it can be updated.

Q and A

Q: So, what would be the future of Renegade?

A: It’s still unclear, although the Renegade has been discontinued within Australian market.

Q: Where would the Jeepster be made?

A: If everything goes as planned, it would be manufactured in India and Poland.

Future Renegade

Does it mean that Renegade would stop producing? Again, it’s unclear. Jeep doesn’t seem to stop it at once, while the Jeepster is on its way. But if Renegade can offer a hybrid power, which would definitely improve fuel economy, it’s most likely that people would welcome it even more. After all, the 2023 Renegade in Brazil has got a revised exterior, although only a little. It should be a good sign that the 2024 Jeep Renegade hasn’t met its end just yet.

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