2024 Chevrolet Colorado Mid Cycle Refresh Waiting

The upcoming 2024 Chevrolet Colorado would be getting a mid cycle refresh, which isn’t very surprising. After all, the Colorado has been revived for 8 years, and it’s due for a little refreshment. The information about the update is very limited, and so far, there haven’t been any spotted spyshots wearing camouflage, so it’s safe to assume that the updates may be minor or not extravagant.

The Possible Updates

It’s highly likely that changes would be happening on the outside as well as the inside – of course, everything would be minor and subtle. It’s possible that interior would get a little modern restyling, with improved techs and more modern amenities. If Colorado wants to be the next offroad vehicle, more toolsets are needed. Probably, little adjustments are done to the exterior with more decorations and detailed elements.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado Price
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The Colorado has been known to offer spacious cabin. It may continue in the 2024 model, where 5 people can sit comfortably. With improved technologies and more features, the vehicle should be able to deliver super comfortable setting with extra bells and whistles.

Powertrain and Performance

Diesel units may not be overly popular in North American segment, but the old-school Colorado was using such a powertrain. However, it’s about to change as the new 2024 Chevrolet Colorado would be running on turbo four unit with 2.7 liter capacity. It is paired with auto 8 speed transmission. The output would depend on the trim levels. For instance, the LT and WT trim levels are able to generate 237 hp and 259 Nm of torque with towing capacity able to reach 3,500 pounds. It may not be much, but it’s nice to have it.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado
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And then, there is the Z71 trim and Trail Boss which are able to generate 310 hp and 390 Nm of torque. The towing capacity is able to reach 7700 pounds, which is quite impressive. There is ZR2 that sports the same output but with more torque, reaching 430 Nm of torque. What about hybrid powertrain? For now, there is no information about it. It’s unclear whether they aren’t planning to have hybrid option or they are still figuring it out. But in these days where electrification is raging, it’s kind of hard to believe that Chevy might miss out.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado Z71
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The 2.7 liter unit has 19 mpg for the city and 25 mpg for the highway. The fuel economy system is pretty nice and promising. It has ‘smart’ system with stop/start system which can be highly useful in heavy and busy traffic.

Q and A

Q: When will the new Colorado launch?

A: Well, production should start sometime in the first half of 2023, which means that the launch will likely take place at mid of 2023. Hopefully, everything is smooth and there is no delay so everything can go as planned.

Q: Has there been any information about the price?

A: Not yet, but considering that the vehicle is getting updates, big chances that there would be a price hike, although it’s not clear for how much. We should know more about 2024 Chevrolet Colorado once more updates are available, so stick around!

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