2024 Audi R8: May Be the End of the Nameplate?

Rumor has that it’s possible that the 2024 Audi R8 would be the last generation of the nameplate. Although this is a rumor, it has caused a stir in the auto world – mostly because there are too many different sources saying different stories. The auto experts and fans make speculations, and they also make predictions about the R8 and also the possible replacement.

About Audi R8

When Audi makes the R8 e-tron, they are hoping that it would sell well. But in reality, they are only able to sell 100 units of them despite the supercar had gone extensive development process and stage before the production. The company finally decided that they are going to stop the e-tron production although it has only run for a year.

2024 Audi R8 Colors
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Audi plans on confirming the all electric successor, which is expected to perform better. It should arrive within the following year. According to sources, the EV is within the development stage right now, and it should be coming in 2025. What about the 2024 Audi R8? Up until now, it has been unclear whether the company will keep the gas unit or they will stop producing it too. Will there even be a 2024 model? It’s also unclear. Some rumors say that the 2023 would be the last model, but others say that it is the 2024 model that would be the last one.

2024 Audi R8
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Moreover, many sources also say that the R8 replacement will likely use a different nameplate, so there won’t be R8 anymore although Audi will still retain the coupe two door style. The company is confident that the upcoming model would be the most powerful vehicle that Audi ever designs.

The Plausible Production Plans

There is a possibility that the future successor to R8 would be constructed with Porsche platform. There is even a possibility that the mechanics are related to Porsche 718 EV. The first scenario is that the new R8 would be using SPP Sport platform, which has been used for the next generatioin Taycan and also e-tron GT. The second one is that there would be a new platform dedicated for electric sports ride, possibly for the successor of 718 Cayman and Boxter. No matter what platform is being used, the new successor to R8 would be punchier, more powerful, and faster than the e-tron GT with its 637 hp. It is able to reach 62 mph within impressive 3.3 seconds.

2024 Audi R8 Etron
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Q and A

Q: Does it mean that R8 e-tron would be completely discontinued?

A: If we are going with the company’s plan, it’s likely. They aren’t going to use R8 nameplate anymore, including R8 e-tron.

Q: When can we expect the 2024 R8 to be available at dealerships?

A: The information is still not available. It’s still unknown whether Audi is going to make the R8 for the 2024 or not.

Q: When will the new model take place?

A: At Böllinger Höfe plant in Germany, where they make the current gas R8 variant today. For further updates about 2024 Audi R8, let’s wait for the company’s official release, shall we?

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