2024 Tiguan Coming as the New Gen with New Look

What to expect from the new 2024 Tiguan? Well, Volkswagen did update the Tiguan back then in 2021 for the 2022 model year, but they have already developed a more serious plan for the 2024 model. This compact SUV is undergoing a pretty serious makeover. A lot of auto fans and enthusiasts claim that the new Tiguan somewhat looks rounder and bigger, making it look like the shrunken version of the Touareg. As the most popular model in VW’s lineup, the curvier bodywork somewhat creates a more luxurious appearance as well as a fuller visual effect. Does the new styling makes the Tiguan look impressive and great? Definitely.

Design, Construction, and Layout

When VW had done the last refreshed work, it turned out to be ‘just’ a facelift. However, the 2024 Tiguan has been set as the new third gen, which means that the company needs to be serious about the entire new design and layout. The first Tiguan was debuted in 2007 and now we are looking at the next third gen in the lineup.

2024 Tiguan Engine
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From pictures shown on the net, it seems that the new Tiguan will no longer be constructed with the angular bodywork and the (prominent) horizontal lines for curvier and softer look. In fact, the new Tiguan would come with a new look and design language. Expect flared fenders on both front and rear. Such a thing can create a different visual effect: making the SUV look more luxurious and bigger. If you are worried that it would look similar to Touareg, it’s not. So, no worries.

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2024 Tiguan
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And it’s just not the optical illusion because the size is different. The standard (five seat) Tiguan wheelbase would be longer than the current 105.6 inches so you can expect extra space for the cabin. However, such an arrangement may not be able to satisfy US buyers who are somewhat always craving for more space. The US Tiguan today already comes with 109.9 inch for the wheelbase. This Tiguan is known as Tiguan Allspace, offering 3 rows layout, for other markets. It isn’t known how VW is going to stretch the car even longer, but you should know that Tiguan isn’t exactly a small or compact ride.

Powertrain and Performance

There are no details about the powertrain and how many of them would be offered for the public. There is only general information available, such as it would be coming with all wheel and front wheel driving system. There would also a mix of gas units and some of them would be electrified partially. There is likely a plug in hybrid or a possibility of two plug in hybrid models. In Europe, there is always a possibility that it will have at least a diesel unit. They still love the diesel there.

2024 Tiguan Interior
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If you are looking for a zero emission type, be ready to be disappointed because VW won’t offer one. If you want the battery-electric type, they already have the option with ID.4. We should know more about the new Tiguan, including the punchy specs and powertrain options, once VW is ready to reveal more.

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Price and Release Date

It’s safe to say that the upcoming Tiguan would be an all new model. It would come with the combo of good stuff, including active (and passive) safety gear and techs, extra technologies features, new designs on the exterior and interior, and all the new things. Don’t be too surprise if the new Tiguan has higher tag price when compared to the previous models. You can imagine the increase as the current one comes as the S trim level ($27,000), SE ($30,600), SE R-Line Black ($33,300), and SEL R-Line ($38,000).

It’s unclear when the Tiguan would release, but the best bet would be by the end of 2023 or the very early of 2024. VW would be ready to provide more info about 2024 Tiguan when they have more updates.

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