2024 Tesla Model Y Plus Is Officially Coming

Rumor has it that the 2024 Tesla Model Y Plus would be coming, which is designed to be the best Tesla ever. The new Model Y is said to come with 4680 battery, delivering extra range and other perks to the vehicle. Moreover, the new battery will also improve the Model Y+ performance, such as less power for the same range, higher performance and abilities, and also lighter vehicle.

Tesla and Panasonic

Panasonic is Tesla’s main supplier in the battery cell power. They have been working together to come up with the best cost and performance efficiency. Panasonic is also dedicated to develop new technology that can boost the energy density (of the battery) up to 50% by 2030. The production currently takes place at Tesla Kato Road, but they are hoping that their production at Giga Texas would be able to exceed the production taking place at Kato Road.

2024 Tesla Model Y Release Date
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The Model Y is currently being produced at Tesla major factories at Fremont, Giga Berlin, Giga Shanghai, and Giga Texas. Reports have shown that 2024 Tesla Model Y is able to ‘beat’ Model 3 as today’s best sales EV. This is quite an accomplishment.

Detailed Specs

The upcoming Model Y+ would have the long range battery with total weight of the vehicle reaching 4,398 pounds. Tesla is focusing on the interior comfort and roomy space. That’s why you can expect cargo area that reaches 76 cubic feet. They also want to improve function inside the cabin, packing up 15 inches of center touchscreen display.

2024 Tesla Model Y Price
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The vehicle is able to reach 60 mph within only 3.5 seconds, while the EPA estimated distance is set at around 330 miles with electric power. The top speed is around 155 mph. the car supports dual motor layout and all wheel driving system. This vehicle is able to accommodate 5 people with diameter of the wheels around 21 inches (which mean that the tires are pretty big).

4680 Battery Main Function

The battery cell is responsible for the vehicle’s overall performance. Thanks to the battery, the new Model Y+ should be able to cover 400 miles of distance. However, the company has their own issue regarding the battery. For now, it’s quite difficult to gain large scale mass production for the battery, which adds up to the ‘luxury’ claim of the vehicle.

2024 Tesla Model Y
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The battery pack would also perform better when compared to the current one. One thing for sure, the future Model Y+ is able to charge faster than the current model, thanks to the battery upgrade and V3 supercharger network.

Q and A

Q: Does it mean that Tesla would be focusing more on Model Y+?

A: It seems so, considering that they are always making new improvements from day to day. They plan on making the sophisticated version of Model Y+ and they are planning on entering the mass production stage.

Q: What about the price? Or release date?

A: This information hasn’t been provided. But considering that the new Model Y+ is designed as the 2024 model, it’s likely that it launches in 2023 although the company hasn’t disclosed the exact date. We should know more about the upcoming update about 2024 Tesla Model Y Plus once it is available.

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