2024 Subaru WRX Future Transformation for the Lineup

It’s pretty normal to expect the 2024 Subaru WRX to be available for the future production, considering that it was introduced as the full model transformation in 2022. It was launched as a completely new model, designed to be an FMC (Full Model Change). Considering that it was just being revised, don’t expect much update or change for the upcoming 2024 model.

Powertrain and Performance

The 2024 Subaru WRX would be running on Subaru Boxer turbocharged unit with 2.4 liter capacity as the standard. This powertrain can generate 271 hp and 258 Nm of torque. The combination of air bypass valves, (electronically) controlled wastegate, and turbocharger are the main reasons why the new WRX will experience better acceleration and improved responsiveness.

2024 Subaru WRX
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This powertrain would be coming along with (symmetrical) all wheel driving system from Subaru (which is pretty legendary) and also Active Torque Vectoring. It will also be paired up with manual 6 speed transmission to refine the shift quality as well as optimizing the gear ratios. Moreover, it will also come with the new SPT (Subaru Performance Transmission) – whether as the standard or as the optional pick. This would be helpful to tackle corners and also improve corner exist quickly. The reason why Subaru decided to use the new platform is because of the significant upgrades, which affects the handle and ride performance.

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Design and Appearance

In terms of design, the new WRX would come with wide body construction, exuding confidence and aggressive vibe. The new appearance would be bolder and somewhat tougher (if not meaner). For the front fascia, the company still utilizes their signature grille style: the hexagonal grille but with wider stance. When paired together with the LED headlights (which would be compact) and also the hood scoop, it would emphasize the low look and wide styling.

2024 Subaru WRX Sti
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The rear (deck) lid would integrate a unique rear spoiler that is low profile, matching it up with unique body color. The rear taillights have this unique look, imitating the volcanic magma. Seems too much? Not really.

Trim Levels and Price

The WRX would be offered in 4 different trim levels. The basic level would be the WRX with a starting price less than $30,000. Despite the low price tags, the vehicle would come with impressive features as the standard options, like remote keyless entry, color LCD and meter combo, and others.

2024 Subaru WRX Changes
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Higher than that would be WRX Premium, with a tag price less than $32,000. Aside from the standard features available from the previous trim level, you can also enjoy premium seat fabric, dual USB charge ports, and others. The next line would be the Limited, with a tag less than $36,000. Naturally, you can expect improved features and more safe drive assist technology. And then, the GT would be the top of the line, with a tag less than $42,000. If you want a sports car model, then this one would be the perfect option.

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Q and A

Q: When would the WRX be ready at dealerships?

A: Information is limited, but it’s likely happening in 2023.

Q: Is it safe to assume that the WRX is an affordable lineup?

A: Well, with a price range starting from around $30,000, it’s safe to assume that the WRX isn’t overly pricey. But to say that it’s completely affordable is an understatement. We should wait for Subaru to provide more info about their 2024 Subaru WRX right away.

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