2024 Jeep Compass as the Carryover Model

It’s most likely that the new 2024 Jeep Compass will remain the same. At least it would be a carryover model after the recent update. It still takes several years ahead before it’s finally being fully redesigned. Compass is planned to remain in production until the company comes up with proper electrification plan. Although there is a possible minor updates, the remaining features and design will remain the same.

The Things to Like about Compass

The Compass has this familiar feel that makes it somewhat humble. It is easy to access with straightforward operation. Not to mention that this crossover has a pretty robust offroad ability, while offering intuitive infotainment technology and elegant (and lush) interior comfort. The features are pretty impressive with high-end technologies and sophisticated design. And let’s not forget that the overall design is handsome.

2024 Jeep Compass Review
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The Design

The Compass will likely stay within its current design. After all, the crossover has been known for its punch ability and pretty good offroad performance. Naturally, Jeep provides different packages (for the offroad purpose) that you can tweak and change. Depending on your needs, the features would be different from one trim level to the other.

Powertrain and Performance

The upcoming 2024 Jeep Compass won’t undergo technical and mechanical changes, especially under the hood. It will still be running on the same unit – and there is only one unit being offered. The vehicle will run on inline four unit with 2.4 liter capacity, delivering 180 hp. The overall unit is quite reliable although it isn’t overly refined or great.

2024 Jeep Compass
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It will be coming with front wheel driving system as the standard and paired up with auto 6 speed transmission. The four wheel driving system, however, would be coming with auto 9 speed gearbox. No matter which arrangement you choose, both units would deliver promising and satisfying performance. It would be enough for your daily activities and commute. The base trim level would have 22 mpg for the city and 31 mpg for the highway. It’s considered a pretty decent fuel economy, although the four wheel would be naturally thirstier – even only a bit.

Compass Electric Powertrain?

Rumor has it that Jeep is busy working on a new electric model, which is exactly super similar to the compact Compass. It will come with Jeep’s signature style: seven slot grille and rugged design. There is no information about the EV variant although it’s said to deliver 250 miles of coverage with rear wheel driving system.

2024 Jeep Compass Configurations
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This suspected electric Compass will likely be offered with starting price of $35,000 for the base Sport trim. There is the Latitude with $37,000 tag and then Limited with $41,000 price tag. The Trailhawk will follow up next with estimated $42,000 and then the highest trim, the High Altitude with $45,000.

Q and A

Q: Is there any information about the price?

A: According to the sources, the starting price for the Compass will start from $27,000 and it goes higher as the trim level goes up.

Q: When can you expect the Compass to be available for sale?

A: It’s highly possible in 2023, sometime within the last quarter. Let’s wait for further release of 2024 Jeep Compass, shall we?

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