2024 Ford Taurus and Its Release in Chinese Market

You may not be able to find 2024 Ford Taurus in America, but you can still find the nameplate in Chinese market. The company made Taurus (in America) from 1986 to 2019. Afterwards, the sales plummeted within the late 90s and continued to the early 2000s. The company finally had to let go of the Taurus and stopped its production 3 years ago. But then again, the nameplate still sells wells in China and also the Middle East. That’s why the all new Taurus for 2024 model would be launching in Middle East. It should be exciting to learn more about its development and updates.

The Updated Plan

In reality, the 2024 Ford Taurus is basically the rebadged version of Chinese-built Ford Mondeo. This new model would be using the CD4 platform, creating quite a different external visual look. The front fascia would be more modern, thanks to the all new (LED) headlights and also daytime running lights. The grille and bumpers would also be new. There would also many silver accents and details to create a sophisticated and elegant appearance. We still need more info concerning the offered add ons and packages.

2024 Ford Taurus
Source : Autoevolution.com

Expect vertical interior with high level of convenience. The sedan is said to have 8 inch of digital instrument cluster (designed as the standard) and big infotainment touchscreen with 13.2 inch in size. The company promises two tone dash, wireless charging pads, and three spoke steering wheel.

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Platform and Design

The Mondeo and Taurus would be sharing platforms, but the one for Mondeo would be narrower, and the difference would be obvious. Expect the basic trim to have impressive features and high-standard performance, so you can expect much higher convenience and comfort for the higher trim.

2024 Ford Taurus Concept
Source : Formacar.com

Powertrain and Performance

The 2024 Taurus would be running on 2.0 liter unit that generates 240 hp. This unit is also paired with auto 8 speed gearbox and EcoBoost four cylinder turbocharged unit. The conventional option only generates less power, which would be enough for everyday activities and daily commute. Not to mention that it has better fuel economy. However, Ford is thinking about offering this unit as their alternative.

2024 Ford Taurus Changes
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Although there is a rumored SHO set as the performance vehicle, there is no confirmation that the company is going to make one. So, what’s going to happen to the V6 unit with 3.5 liter capacity, delivering 360 hp and 350 Nm of torque? It’s designed for the high performance model, so if they aren’t going to make one, it’s possible that the engine won’t be used at all.

Q and A

Q: Is Taurus designed as one of the affordable vehicle?

A: It’s likely because the starting price starts at around $30,000 which is quite difficult to find among quality vehicle these days. If there is ever be the SHO (the high performance type), however, you may have to spend almost $50,000.

Q: Is it possible that Taurus sold in the US?

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A: There is a slim chance. The Taurus has been set for Middle Eastern and Chinese market, not for North American market.

Q: When will the new Taurus debut?

A: If everything goes as planned, it would take place in 2023, in summer time. The upcoming 2024 Ford Taurus may be revealed further not far from now.

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